Commission of Integrity recover 21 billion Iraqi Dinars acquired by owner of a contracting company with Ministry of Defense under contracts marred by corruption
8/24/2015 0 Comments

CoI recovered 21 billion Iraqi dinars to the state treasury, was acquired by the owner of a contracting company with Ministry of Defense. The commission declared that its investigative procedures in cooperation with the General Directorate of banking and credit in the Iraqi Central Bank led to recovering (21,782,468,217,500) billion Iraqi dinars acquired by the fugitive convict Na`ir Ahmed Al-Jumaili The Commission stated that a number of judgments issued against many of the convicts in the issues of contracts with Ministry of Defense including sentenced in absentia to prison for seven years issued against the convict Al-Jumaili under the article 244/11 of P.C. The Commission indicated that the decision included the issuance of custody funds on the convicted movable and immovable property. It should be noted that CoI commissioner Dr. Hassan Al-Yassiri had been articulated in a press conference held on the occasion of the announcement of CoI achievements for the first five months of this year, that CoI was able to recover huge sums of money to the treasury of Iraqi state.