Director underlines the need to facilitate citizens ' transactions

During his visit to the General property registration Resafe first
The direct guidance of the Minister of Justice, Dr. Haidar Al-zamli, and where the need for serious follow-up of citizens ' transactions and completed as soon as possible in the judicial circles, especially the real estate registration Department. The follow-up section manager Dr. Munther Trish, toured with security clearances section manager and administrator, Division for follow-up to the real estate registration Department with the full team for the investigation and follow-up procedures, the General Directorate of land registry, for the services provided to citizens. And Research Director, during his meeting with the General Manager of the real estate registration Department (student Mehdi) ways of facilitating citizens ' transactions in line with the Government's approach to simplify procedures, adding support for follow-up section of real estate registration departments in the diagnosis and treatment of problems and drawbacks to the advancement of services provided to citizens. The Director met with the staff of the Chamber and listen to the most important problems related to work, showing some suggestions which would contribute to solving their problems, and the need to provide a suitable environment for staff to provide the highest level of services. Director heard during his inspection tour in the halls of the Department to the citizens and service members face the need to overcome the constraints that refer to completing transactions. The follow-up also lose Director Dr. Munther Trish, real estate registration circle/Rusafa, and met with Mr. Manager (Zia summer visitors), and discussed with him ways of facilitating procedures and address the drawbacks that hinder the work of the service.