During his visitation, CoIís Commissioner confirms to the Ministry of Trade that the commission will judge the corrupts and manipulating Public Money whoever they are

CoIís Commissioner Dr. Hassan Al-Yassiri asserted that the commission will judge all corrupts whoever they are, and it will never tolerate in fighting those how manipulating with public money and it will not sit in oneís hands while violating public money. He clarified that he will support the brave who stand against corruption till the end, and he will never let those how defend the public money down no matter how high level his opponent is. During his visitation in Mon 10/8/2015, Dr. Al-Yassiri uncover to the Ministry of Trade Headquarter, Inspector Generalís Office and State Company for food stuff that the commission opened a group of cases suspected with corruption regarding the ministryís work. He indicated that many reports and complains received by the commission are related to suspicious of corruption of the ministryís works which lead him to visit the ministryís headquarter to closely investigate these reports and to be acquainted with ministries contracts, as well as the quality of food stuff provided to the people through ration card.
CoIís Commissioner asserted during his speech with the officials and employees of the ministry the importance that the workers of the Ministry of Trade should advance to great responsibility trusted to them because they deal with peopleís sustenance how depend in their living on the ration cardís stuff. He warned to manipulated with the humble citizenís sustenance because the commission will not tolerate hold the negligent accountable no matter who high level he was.

The ministryís employees asked to cooperate with Inspector Generalís Office. He cleared that the commission and other supervisory bodies, including Inspector Generalís Office, are not punishment tool against the employee.

But it supports the good one of them. The commissioner asked them to be guardians to protect public money and expose the spoilers and those who violate public money. The commissioner emphasized that his office ready to listen to every one and they will find our doors are opened for them at any time. Dr. Hassan Al-Yassiri said that the protection of public funds is a national responsibility and it is not only the responsibility of COI and other oversight bodies, but it`s the responsibility of Iraqis, especially the honest employees shall help the IG`s office which we are hope to have its workers an example of integrity and honesty.

The visit included meeting with minister of trade, Melas Abdlkreem, IG, the DG of State company for food stuff and numbers of directorates in the ministry (contracts, legal and finance.)

Al-Yassiri induces the investigators in the IG`s office to be more assertive, do not feel lonely to do the right think, power of the official and the influence of the influential. He induced them Take the path of right and law.

Dr. Hassan Al-Yassiri showed that he will support the brave who fight the spoiler and he will not let down the employee whom protects the public money no matter how high his opponent is.

It is worth mentioning that the commissioner had paid a numbers of visits to the ministries in order to identify their contracts and projects for the purpose of meeting the demands of the demonstrators to improve services. The commissioner already instructed Commission survey teams to monitor all institutions which raised suspicions of corruption around.