Iraq Parliament Agenda "The meeting's agenda number (15) Tuesday 25 August 2015"

The meeting's agenda number (15) Tuesday 25 August 2015
August 25 0.2015

The third parliamentary session
The second legislative year
The first legislative term

First, read verses from the Koran.
Second: The vote on the draft law on political parties. (Commission of civil society institutions, the Legal Committee).

(Article 69).

Third: Voting in principle to a bill defining the mandates of the three presidencies. (Legal Committee).

Fourth, consider the appeals about the health of some members of parliament membership.

Fifth: the first reading of the draft open educational total abolition of the law (Education Committee). (Article 6).

Sixth: The first reading of the proposed delegation of authority law. (Committee of the Regions and governorates not

organized in a region). (Article 6).

Seventh: The first reading of the draft first amendment to the law of the ownership documents bearing the nicknames of

Displacement and Migration Law No. (79) for the year 2012. (Commission of the deportees and immigrants and

expatriates). (Article 2).

Eighth: the first reading of a draft law to accept members of the armed forces and internal security forces and the

apparatus of the Iraqi National Intelligence Service and the National Security Apparatus in college. (Commission on

Security and Defense, Commission on Higher Education). (Article 3).

Ninth: The first reading of the draft training center and the development of transport law. (Services Committee and

ages). (Article 15).

Tenth: the first reading of the draft imports Municipalities Act (Commission services and reconstruction, the Finance

Committee). (13 articles).

Session starts at: ten in the morning.