Khosh .. Dawa Party, Iraq thief .. Dawa Party held accountable muggers 8/24
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Thread: Khosh .. Dawa Party, Iraq thief .. Dawa Party held accountable muggers 8/24

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    Khosh .. Dawa Party, Iraq thief .. Dawa Party held accountable muggers 8/24

    Khosh .. Dawa Party, Iraq thief .. Dawa Party held accountable muggers

    Khadr confident Ramahi

    Monday 0.24 August 0.2015

    Of the wonders of this time, and in Iraq (new) exclusively and not somewhere else .. come the political reforms of the party held the first place remarkable efficiency in sabotaging the political process through the dissemination of culture (our community) and a culture of revenge and hatred, marginalization and Alttunaih and flashing .. and dissemination of all vices that defined by the demons of mankind and the jinn, not the first theft and looting, and most recently of fraud and deceit .. this is the Dawa (Islamic) who has made ​​the political shop in Iraq corral sake of God to everything unclean and metamorphosis and corrupt and expired.

    Has dominated distorted the political process since the Jaafari government and followed by the Governments chaired by the leaders of this party represented by Maliki or al-Abadi .. and the maintenance of this party in his hand and his teeth security, economy, services and resources files, and even Iraq's internal and external policies .. and (Koch) on most ministries .. and even those that did not, and its minister of the invitation or party of his allies, we find that this party has put in that Ministry Undersecretary to the Minister or two subordinate to him or maybe even the Inspector General, in order to dictate to others Minister Dauajja Party's policies and the way that the leadership of the ministry and the method of sharing the spoils.

    Of this, everyone on a fixed sure that the corruption of the State of Iraq, which Ozkm the noses of the Middle East and the whole world, is corruption Dauajja par excellence .. and that most of Iraq's stolen riches or mostly from billions of stolen oil have gone into the pockets of the leaders and members of this party and into the pockets of collaborators and his allies. .

    As a matter of truth and fact, this party did not fall short in granting favors and gifts haraam wealth Sacred huge for each of the supported malicious policies supported by the policies (Allaftyh) and Sergath systematic, even if the pro-Nasser of parties or blocs and other spectra, and most of them .. How lead this party (Kherban) reform and the fight against corruption led from pole poles campaign (Haider al-Abadi) that this party did not begin to open Sergath files (explosive) First ????? ..

    Is Abadi expected to deceive those ridiculous crowds Ezz representative and pride that filled squares of liberation?
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