A member of the parliamentary finance warns of "economic difficulties" facing the government
August 24, 2015

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - the parliamentary finance committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed warned of "economic difficulties" the government may face in the event of continued decline in global oil prices, noting that the Commission is working in coordination with the government to find solutions to the provision of staff salaries solutions during 2016.

The parliamentary finance committee and confirmed earlier, a tendency to reduce the ministries, agencies and government agencies spending to its lowest level in order to reduce the fiscal deficit in the federal budget size.

He said Muhammad's (IMN) that "the government should not rely on oil revenues," pointing out that "it is necessary to resort to sources, agriculture and investment funds to provide income for the state."

Parliamentary Legal Committee and confirmed earlier, that it will work and financial parliamentary study on the budget next year, pointing out that it recommended the ministries of planning and finance the completion of the budget in 2016 and sent to Parliament before the end of the month of December next.

Mohammed pointed out that "if the economic situation and the continued decline in crude oil prices, the government will face difficulties in providing the employees' salaries," noting that "the Finance Committee is working to find solutions to solve economic problems."

The parliamentary finance committee formed earlier, a small committee made up of six members from within the Commission to work on the staff salary scale adjustment law, pointing out that the Commission gave the mini-committee 6 months for the purpose of making the necessary adjustments.

From: Star Gazan