Brent crude America Ahbtan to their lowest levels in more than six years

Futures contracts for Brent and US crude fell on Monday to its lowest level in six and a half years ago, less than the latest level of support for them of $ 45 a barrel and $ 40 a barrel, respectively. Economists and analysts attributed this sharp decline as a result of investors' sense of concern that a slowdown in the Chinese economy leads to weak demand amid a global glut of oil supply. Brent fell 82 cents a barrel to $ 44.33 by 5:59 pm GMT, after arriving to a low level during trading on Monday reached the stage of which US $ 44.24, its lowest level since March / March 2009. Brent fell at the close last Friday of $ 1.16, or 2.5 percent, to $ 45.46 a barrel.
Fell as US crude for October delivery / October 93 cents to $ 39.52 after reaching a low level during trading it reached $ 39, the lowest level since February 2009.
US crude was not better off where he fell at the other end of the deal in the previous session 87 cents or 2.1 percent to $ 40.45 for Brmel.anthy