Parliamentary Media: make changes in the media network after the publication of law

The Committee on Culture and Information, parliamentary, its intention to make changes within the Iraqi Media Network after the publication of its own law in the Official Gazette. And member of the Committee said Serwa Abdul Wahid, told all of Iraq [where], that "the Iraqi Media Network, the law has not yet been published in the Official Gazette [Official Gazette]," she said, "after the publication of the law we will start practical steps in the changes within the network."
She explained, "There was a problem in one of the articles of the law, the president was terrifying law to the House of Representatives were voted on and then has returned him to the presidency, it seems that the reason for the delay publication of the law." Wahid pointed out that "the Commission has developed in-law specifications of the President and members of the board of trustees, there are certain conditions for those who want to be a member of the Commission, to be provided by it," and pointed out that "the Committee is to choose the members."
The source familiar with, it was revealed last Tuesday, on the nomination of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, a political analyst for the presidency of the Iraqi Media Network.
The source for [where], that "al-Abadi sent a book proposal in which the board of trustees name [Jassim al-Musawi], a political analyst as a candidate for the position and rejected the nomination of chairman of the Trustees of the Iraqi Media Network [Alfalh] for the presidency of the network to replace the current manager [Abdul-Jabbar carp who She submitted a request to retire. "
The prime minister Haider al-Abadi, issued on 12 August of this is to wait in the appointment of a new Director-General of the Iraqi Media Network, a successor to the current director [Abdul-Jabbar carp who submitted a request for retirement.
According to a source familiar for [where], that "the Prime Minister's decision to wait came to the proximity of the publication Media Network Law in the newspaper official proceedings and shall take effect, where he set the choice of this post mechanisms and will be in accordance with the law outside nominate a prime minister," adding that "to postpone the selection of a substitute for carp and Filtration network management was at the request of al-Abadi. "
And was scheduled to board board of trustees to be held in the Iraqi Media Network, on the ninth of this August, a meeting to vote on the retirement decision of the Director General of the network of Abdul-Jabbar carp but postponed for lack of a quorum of the Council for delay in the presence of one of its members is completed, the source indicated for [where] that "Chairman of the Trustees of the current Media Network on Alfalh is the closest candidate to succeed Carp".
According to some media reports about the existence of "a media and financial deal between the Sunni and Alfalh component representative of the Board of Trustees [on behalf of comprehensive] to receive the first as general manager of the network."
The reports said, citing sources from within the network that "the deal, which was held in the presence of carp and director of the Iraqi channel first media Karim Hamadi and on behalf of comprehensive include the vote on the resignation of carp, while remaining a member of the board of trustees, and vote on the appointment of Alfalh director general of the network media, while remaining a member of the body Trustees of the network, and vote on behalf of the Chairman of the comprehensive pain, especially that the latter represents a touchstone in the voting process. "
The source of early detection for [where] on 30 July for the expiration of the carp as general manager of the network media and the nomination of a media personality of the influential party "in a way circumvents the" new media, which was approved by the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, in 28 of the last month, Network Act, after being passed by the House of Representatives in 28 of last May, but so far the law has not been published yet in the official Iraqi newspaper facts to be effective from the date of publication.
It includes the text of the Media Network Law in Article 10 / II to be one of the functions of the Board of Trustees president of network selection according to the specifications provided by this law, according to the mechanism for the appointment of a professional and transparent determined by the Board of Trustees in the network systems.
The condition of law within Article 14 in terms of appointment of the network president to be a fully qualified and completed 40 years, and his knowledge of and interest in and experience of not less than ten years to areas relating to the functions and duties of the work in the network and enjoying his competence and integrity required for the work of the network neutrality, and not to engage in any activity partisan during Amlh.anthy