Turan: to eliminate clear himself of the charges of disabled files of corruption and to take bolder reforms

He called the parliamentary legal committee member Hassan Turan judiciary to acquit itself of interest to disable the resolution of the files of corruption referred to it, "calling them" Batakazya bolder steps in the reform of the judiciary. " Said Tauran told all of Iraq [where], that "the judiciary in Iraq, one of the federal authorities and is their great responsibility in this phase, which is going through the country because we believe that reforms must be complementary and without the cooperation of the three authorities can not access to an integrated package of reforms can to keep abreast of the campaign carried out by the Prime Minister. "
"We do not notice that the reforms that I talked about the judiciary is the level of ambition must be the elimination of the basic duty in this campaign in particular to take legal action against those who proved their corruption in the past period was not brought to justice to be punished fair despite the presence of many files according to the announced Integrity him and others to hand over these files to the judiciary body. " He said Turan "on the judiciary to exonerate himself and tells us the truth Is there a file transferred from the Integrity Commission and control devices and has not activate it is?".
He pointed out that "the Iraqi street, waiting for bolder steps from the judiciary and the executive and legislative done so that at least is the lowest level to the requirements of the street who wants to see a particular reform."
He noted a member legal representative that "part of the reforms is the legislation of the Federal Court Act and reduce the period in which the President of the Court and the current deputy of two years remains to a period of less and perhaps six months or a year only and the key should be the legislative steps and looks political blocs tasks in the legislation of the Federal Court Act which is, in my view the key to reform of the judiciary. "
It is said that the Supreme Judicial Council rejected unanimously in a special meeting to be held in 17 of this August, to discuss the development of the judicial process request of the President of the Council Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud transmits it to retire because "the public interest and justice at this stage require to stay in his duties as President of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Supreme Federal Court ".hsp Council resolution.
With renewed supreme religious authority and demonstrators their demands for reform of the judiciary.
The representative of the reference Mr. Ahmed net in the last Friday prayers "do not want to indulge in a statement aspects of corruption and negligence in the work of the judiciary during the past years, but we point out that what is observed from the proliferation of corrupt thieves of public money and a guerrilla kidnapping and extortion and the prevalence of a culture of bribery in all aspects of the state and Results of society is the failure of many officials in this device for carrying out the performance of legal duties. "
The Integrity Commission, announced last Thursday, all achieved more than 13 000 registered issue only since the beginning of this year 2015, including 13 ministers, accusing with those Badrjtah "noting that" news issues retained any existing previous years have not been resolved and the number 2005 issue. " It ended 2