Member of the Board of Najaf: tomorrow open the door for nomination to the post of governor after sacking Zurfi

He said in the Najaf provincial council member will be on Tuesday opening of the nomination after the sacking of the governor Adnan al-Zurfi and authentication Administrative Court. And between Aljcami Khalid told all of Iraq [where] that "the provincial council will begin tomorrow to receive nominations and the implementation of previous agreements to be the position of Governor of the State of Law coalition exclusively personal efficient and integrity to be elected by the provincial council and the nomination."The Najaf filled with people who have the competence and integrity, and wished members of the coalition of state law to speed up the resolution of their choice to nominate a person of competence and integrity for the job." He Aljcami We are in agreement with a coalition of law to submit their candidate and if there is a difference raise the names of candidates to the provincial council, which will decide the election for the post of personal preservation. He noted that "the first deputy of the day will receive work assignments acting to maintain until the election of a new governor instead Zurfi".
The Administrative Court on Monday ratified the decision to sack the governor of Najaf, Adnan Zurfi And the voice of the Najaf provincial council approval at its extraordinary 13 of the last month to dismiss the governor Adnan Alzervi.anthy 2