National Alliance: Abadi studying proposals for the integration of electricity and oil and harmed pushing for abortion mergers and limbering

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - August 24 / August announced the National Alliance, on Monday, the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi is currently studying proposals include merging the Ministry of Electricity with the Oil Ministry, and the Ministry of Water Resources with the Ministry of Agriculture. He said coalition member Ali al-Badri, said that "political pressure exerted on the Abadi to impede this step because some political blocs are trying to maintain their gains, through pressure towards the failure to extend its ministries or limbering merger" as described. He said al-Badri, that "the Council of Ministers to the ministries will reduce to 18 instead of 22, but it faces a problem in the integration of ministries is the person who will be filled by the process, the Prime Minister or the second, or whether they will be assigned to a third character." Ended O.h