Integrity Court accuses the defense and interior ministries not to cooperate in the resolution of large files of corruption

Misdemeanor court accused of integrity, defense and interior ministries not to cooperate in the resolution of large files of corruption in the ministries.
The Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Talal Zobaie told all of Iraq [where] that "the Commission hosted the judges of integrity, including the head of the competent court to examine the reasons that some of the files resolved urgently and fast has clearly said that the reason for the delay to the lack of cooperation in the defense and interior ministries especially in large files of corruption ".
He added Zobaie" This prompts us to ask the Prime Minister the need to put pressure on the interior and defense ministers to provide all of the files and answers questions that he sees the judiciary as condemning some of the characters and they answer these files in a clear and fast and urgent to resolve them.
"He stressed" the need to achieve reforms in the judiciary and that there be a competent court of corruption and commensurate number of judges with the size of large files of corruption in Iraq, the fact that the current number is not enough to resolve these files.
"He pointed Zobaie that" the judiciary is an independent authority and Tzeysh is not true and the pressure on him is an interference in his work.
"The Presidency House of Representatives decided in the parliament session on August 13 this assignment files that contain suspicions of corruption relating to contracts of armaments to the Integrity Commission to investigate them during the current month.
And the MP Haider al-Kaabi's [where], yesterday that the files of corruption related to the Ministry of Defense as well as armament contracts "and the existence of a contract site for the benefit of the ministry in the purchase of 56 electricity-generating large single price of which reaches 44 million dinars, while the price does not exceed the local market half of this amount.
"He pointed out that" the files relating to the Ministry of Interior concerning explosives detection device [sonar] especially with a difference in price The specifications and the violation of the law as well as the amount of processing critically mechanism and the equivalent of 45 000 dollars per system. "The Integrity Commission, announced last Thursday, all achieved more than 13 000 registered issue only since the beginning of this year 2015, including 13 ministers, accusing with those Badrjtah. The Chairman of the Commission and the agency Hassan al-Yasiri to accused of corruption in the Ministry of Defense and of them, "the secretary-general at the Ministry of Defense, Ziad Al-Qattan in former minister Hazem Shaalan and Sawsan Jassim Mohammed time and all of these are involved these files and sentenced to a big court judgments issued against Sawsan Mohammed 306-year-Qattan 290 a year and accused Prime Red Crescent Society Said Ismail Hakki 146 years except the billions looted ".anthy 2