Parliament will reconvene tomorrow to question the Minister of Electricity and vote on the law of parties

2015/8/24 16:59

the House of Representatives resumes, on Tuesday, regular meetings, is due to be questioned and Electricity Minister Qassim Mohammed Fahdawi on corruption charges in his ministry, and not providing electrical power.

And it includes the agenda of the meeting according to a statement of the Council "questioning of the Minister of Electricity, and vote on the draft law on political parties, voting in principle to a bill defining the mandates of the three presidencies."

It also includes "considering the appeals filed about membership of some lawmakers Health, the first reading of the bill abolishing the law Open educational college, and the first reading of the proposed delegation of authority law.

"It will be the first reading of the draft first amendment to the law of the ownership documents bearing the nicknames for the displaced and immigrants No. 79 of 2012 Act, and the first reading of the draft law to accept armed Ofradalqguat and internal security forces and the apparatus of the Iraqi National Intelligence and Security Service Aloutnevi university study "on the agenda.

It includes tomorrow's meeting agenda" for the first reading of the draft law training center and the development of transport, and the first reading of the draft imports municipal law.

"The House of Representatives may Hhd at its last meeting on 11 of August this tomorrow [August 25 ] date for the questioning of the minister of electricity based on a parliamentary request submitted by 65 deputies to the presidency of the parliament, after popular protests in several provinces on the electric energy crisis and rampant corruption.

as revealed to the Parliamentary Integrity Commission about the existence of corrupted files signed the minister, where he said committee member Salah al-Jubouri - an MP who will question the Minister for Electricity's [where], "We will direct 19 questions in interrogated the Minister of Electricity," referring to "the existence of files where corruption and signed by him", adding that "the decision to sack the minister or not remains convinced the House of Representatives Bojobth to the questions" .anthy