Investment funds capable of funding

8/24/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
draw economist d. Abdul-Razzaq al-Saadi to the need to work to give priority to investment funds in the process of economic development, particularly in the industrial and agricultural production sectors to include then entire sectors. Saadi said in an interview for »Sabah«: that investment funds have effective solutions to the problems of funding experienced by the national economy, pointing out the large role in the development of these sectors and conversion of major strategic projects stalled into profitable projects achieve the highest degree of viability of the economy Mahla.oukal: that Activating projects through investment funds is working on the development of support such as transport sectors, for example, as well as providing employment opportunities to a large segment of unemployed youth is also working on activating the production wheel, pointing to the importance of the privatization of public industrial companies which work to turn them into joint stock after activating the productive role through the adoption of funds Sovereign investment.

Saadi said that much of the developed world adopted this experience and achieved positive targets Tnagmt and ambition to achieve sustainable development, which leads us to study the experiences of these countries and work to be transferred to Iraq during the coming period.

It was Saadi has said the sovereign funds operate how to finance a factory or company and then sell shares in the financial market and become a blockbuster it after a profitable company become through production or service that specializes in, noting that not all investors in this area have sufficient experience in this field, stressing that the activation of investment funds help on the development work in the Iraq Stock Exchange after it is converted companies to contribute to and offer its shares in the stock market for investors, also helps raise warheads foreign money invested in the stock market, which Bderha is a win-win situation for the local economy and bring substantial economic feasibility of the country.

He said the move to economic development requires action hard to find sources of funding for phrase projects needed by the country in which the majority Addourah and touches the lives of Iraqi citizens.]