Jaafari: support of the international coalition Mtzbzb..onzirh Norwegian: we seek to increase oil investments in Iraq

Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, support of the international coalition in Iraq, as "volatile", with his Norwegian counterpart announced Borg Brindh his country is seeking to increase Alasttmart in the oil sector in Iraq.
The Brindh arrived this morning to Baghdad on an official visit accompanied by Norwegian Defence Minister Ina Sordi.
Jaafari said during a joint press conference with Foreign Ministers building Norwegians that "there is a response of the international coalition, but take a recipe wavelengths Again and fall and rise again, but these days there is a good pace from the military and intelligence support."
And the role of Norway in the fight against terrorism in Iraq, al-Jaafari pointed out that "there is already cooperation between the two countries and aid operation on the ground, including humanitarian and military, and we insisted in an interview today on that and inviting Norway to open new horizons and work on investment in Iraq and medical-oil sector, as noted, to the Iraqis parishes in Norway and the importance of attention to them, "hoping" to open the Norwegian embassy in Baghdad and employing technological advances of Norway in Iraq. "
And the price of high foreign minister "to support the positions of Norway and sovereignty of Iraq and the war on terrorism as well as international support."
And on the steps of reform in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed al-Jaafari said "the State Department began its reforms since the beginning, we received the ministry's website and started on the first of October 2014, and were re-constituted committees in the ministry on the basis of scientific and craft certificate and discovered that some employees do not have the scientific or equivalent certificate , and our work on the rehabilitation including embassies and approved by the Ministry of Planning and moved to our missions and stood on the granting of diplomatic passports and to reduce the phenomenon of the exception and all these measures is to reduce the errors that were present in previous years. "
He continued, "We are continuing implementation of the plan in the qualitative proliferation, according to the Foreign Service Act and the adoption of the principle of direct interview and formed a committee headed by the Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry to sort the staff and get to know their potential and stay away from any non-craft standards did not Nsttn state and all are open to the countries with the exception of one," referring to Israel.
And the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil Jaafari stressed the importance of abiding by the Constitution, which was considered the oil and national wealth for all Iraqis being of a sovereign nature, saying "a priority for the Government of Haider al-Abadi to develop practical solutions to the tension between Baghdad and Erbil, and stressed that the oil wealth as a central virtue of the Constitution were informed states this and we asked them to respect this principle and solve internal problems ourselves. "
He denied news Foreign Minister announced the appointment of a leader of the Sadrist movement and accused of corruption Bahaa al-Araji.
On the problem of the situation of Iraqi students involved in the basic technical training on aircraft maintenance cycle [F16] in the Jordanian capital, Amman, on the back of the repercussions of a dispute with the Jordanian nationals days before al-Jaafari said that "the students problem in Jordan of a social nature, and follow-you-go and we are going to be solved and now Our embassy in Jordan in close contact with the ministry also said there is coordination with the Ministry of Defence this subject on the grounds that students from a military background. "
With the increase in the phenomenon of migration of young Iraqis and foreign role in the follow-Jaafari he stressed that "the Iraqis deal with them both, and we will stay emigrated Antapahm is exposed to the problems, whether in Turkey or Jordan or in any other place we follow their situation."
For his part, Norwegian Foreign Minister Borg Brindh his country is seeking to increase its investments in Iraq, particularly the oil sector, saying "we discussed many things with al-Jaafari, including oil investment, and with the Kurdistan region, especially since the company [DNO] Norwegian working there," stressing that "more investments coming to Iraq, including the oil sector investment in Iraq. "
"When we talk about building capacity in oil and gas in Norway, we've built seven refineries in the world, and we will share this experience with the Iraqi side."
And about his country's role in supporting the Iraq war on terrorism, he said the Norwegian foreign minister "are ready to stand with Iraq and originally stand with him in the long run and that Norway's military contribution in Iraq and in addition to the military commitments and obligations to our humanitarian obligations."
He pointed out that "there will help to Iraq worth $ 20 million and approved by the Norwegian Parliament last June the Iraqi government will be spending it on different areas, including in the humanitarian sphere as our government will provide assistance to Iraq through the United Nations."
He called on "the Iraqi people to be under a tent government Abadi and its approach to reform," adding that "open the Norwegian embassy in Iraq we have a clear vision in diplomatic cooperation with Iraq" revealing "his meeting today with the Military Mission of Norway in Iraq and that he will visit the night of Arbil."
And on the migration of Iraqis abroad countries, including Norway he stressed Brindh "We discussed in this visit the issue of migration, especially of young people they need to work and educational opportunities, financial support and we will work together to improve the youth, especially since Iraq has a lot of possibilities which will evolve if there is peace in it."
For its part, Norwegian Defence Minister Inna Sordi confirmed for a country strategy to prevent the flow of fighters from the country to Iraq and Syria, or to engage the ranks of terrorist organizations.
She said the "terrorists who come from Europe, not only from Norway and we have a strategy to prevent them from flowing into conflict zones and confirm that we have many measures to prevent them."
She added, "We do not have air strikes in Iraq, but coaches and we have a long-term vision in the training of Iraqi forces and we talked this with the United States on training" .anthy