Legal representative: No constitutional validity to the Prime Minister to appoint a temporary chairman for the region


Parliamentary Legal Committee said that the prime minister for six who had the authority in the Constitution to appoint the Chairman of the Kurdistan region on a temporary basis. " Said committee member Mohsen al-Sadoun told all of Iraq [where], that "the federal prime minister can not appoint a president of the Kurdistan region on a temporary basis, based on Article 121 of the Constitution, which states that the Settat region the right to exercise legislative, executive and judicial authorities, except as exclusive powers of authorities Federal in Article 78 of the Constitution and therefore he can not be president of the province shall be appointed temporarily. " The legal expert Tareq Harb, said today that the Constitution gives the President of the Federal Council of Ministers, the power to appoint a temporary head of the Kurdistan region, until a presidential election.
He said the war in a statement received [where] a copy of the "Article 78 of the Constitution says: The Prime Minister is the direct executive responsible for public policy of the State, and the responsibility of the President of the direct executive minister in that article include general policy of the state and not the general policy of the provinces only" .
He said the "term state law means the three pillars of the State of any people of the state as a whole and the authority of the state as a whole and the land of the state as a whole, including the state of the province and the provinces, authorities and bodies, without this authority is limited to part of the state any can not exclude the Kurdistan region of this prime minister the authority of a Authority include the region as well. "
And witnessing the Kurdistan region since a few days intensive dialogue between the political parties, especially the major ones out to dissolve a consensus regarding the amendment presidency of the province law, at the time of the Shura Kurdistan Council decided last Wednesday to extend the mandate of the President Massoud Barzani, the region which ended last Thursday, August 20 to two years which was rejected by some Kurdish parties, the Kurdish movement while promised to change the decision politically motivated and that he is not the prerogative of this Council.