Reconstruction opens draft headquarters formations ministry and Armenian orthodox church in the province of Kirkuk

Economy - Justice / Representative of the Minister of Construction and Housing, Mr. agent Dara Hassan Yara opened the draft headquarters of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and the Church of the Armenian orthodox in Kirkuk province, and which they accomplished by the ministry's buildings department in the presence of Kirkuk Governor Dr. Necmettin cream and head of Kirkuk's provincial council and general manager of buildings Department Engineer Hussein Majid Hussein and Director General of the National Center For Engineering Consultants Abdul-Jabbar Hamza and a number of gentlemen officials in the province.

He said Mr. Dara Hassan Yara during the opening ceremony, which was held in Kirkuk province, the buildings department and through the guidance of the Minister of Construction and Housing Mr. Tariq Kikhany to overcome obstacles and find appropriate solutions able to complete the two buildings Alzkoran in the province of Kirkuk, despite the difficult financial circumstances through which Alaraco that the completion of both projects by the Buildings Department is considered a great achievement, stressing that more efforts in order to complete the rest of the projects in the province.

He added that the buildings of ancient and important departments in the Ministry of Construction and Housing Department owns and possibilities of experience and wide in project implementation and supervision, calling on all state institutions to take advantage of these possibilities at the Department in the implementation or supervision of projects Urban He explained that the Buildings Department had previously completed several Urban projects in all governorates which projects are of great importance in the development of reality Urban in the provinces and that this Alabnh which will occupy by the authorities concerned will form an important point for the development of economic activity in the country, noting that the department has the engineering and technical expertise the makings to be at the forefront of departments governmental organizations in the supervision and implementation of urban projects.

Mr. agent that the ministry confirmed seeks to increase support for the Department of the buildings in order to complete the projects entrusted to it after the big achievements of the circle on the country's all level through the buildings that have accomplished and that the infrastructure for the development of the country's economy is considered in all respects. From the other hand, said Director General Buildings Department Eng Hussein Majid Hussein, said the cadres working in bent on completing all of its projects department and urges the pace for the implementation of large and giant projects have clear imprint in Iraq urban landmarks, and the two buildings new hunters who have been open in Kirkuk province, it is only the beginning of where the Chamber implementation Several projects in the province, indicating that the project of building of the Ministry of Construction and Housing headquarters in Kirkuk, consists of a main building comprises 3 floors constructed on an area of ​​(11250 m2) and cost (8,565,817,150) dinars It also has a thatched, roads, yards and gardens parking and includes building office rooms and Mndomh fire alarm and room function and elevators / 2 and use the stone two solutions, sheets Alalkpond in the external finishes and building contains the electrical generator / 2 Wali 100kva capacity and the second 500-kva either the Church of the Armenian orthodox project consists of the main building and guest house (three floors) and buildings service constructed on an area (600 m2), the main building consists of the entrance to the main hall dedicated a room to practice their religious rituals and room Father guesthouse includes three floors and include Sweet / 2 rooms, reception and Hall and kitchen up rooms (180) m 2 per floor buildings service includes guards and room electricity and building group healthy and parking thatched)

The cost of the project (1,290,000,000) dinars has been used and alabaster and strips alabaster stone in packaging and interface project .watny Director-General during the celebration of the keenness of the minister continuing to work buildings circle and follow-up which gives us a greater incentive to complete projects assigned to Dairh.ivkr the buildings department, a government agency responsible for implementation of the investment plan and the general budget of the state in public buildings sector projects under contracts with government contracting companies or private companies (Iraqi, Arab and foreign) and the Buildings Department and through circles engineers residents returning her to supervise, monitor and audit the implementation of the business and quality under the conditions and specifications and schedules approved quantities Through engineering cadre of highly experienced in all disciplines of architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical and health in all provinces of Iraq.