A member of the parliamentary Economy: reforms can not find solutions to compensate for the lack of oil imports

In the parliamentary economic committee member said that government reforms have not find solutions to the economic situation of the country, including compensate for the shortfall of oil imports due to lower prices.
He said Ahmed Salim told all of Iraq [where] "we did not find in the reforms is to find solutions that compensate for the dependence on oil as a resource of the state," expected continued decline in oil prices. "
He pointed out that "reform can not take place day and night, there are accumulations of 12-year-old and ill management and planning, and industrial and agricultural development now almost dead.
"explained Salim" among the reforms put forward by the Economic Commission is a project of industrial development and economic support, housing and the state has provided this support has allocated five billion dollars, of which two billion to the agricultural sector and two billion for the industry and one billion dollars for housing.

"He said These loans "are to lend to the private sector in the development of projects and the establishment of industrial plants as possible to take advantage of them to convert imported materials to manufactured locally, especially since most of them from the light industry and worked a simple study and sift in the calendar industry where the most important materials imported by the country to be converted to the local industry to help in the operation Iraqi manpower. "and the decline in world oil prices to around $ 40 a barrel and its impact on imports of Iraq said a member of the parliamentary Economic Committee,"

This is something unexpected fact that the markets are subject to supply and demand, "expected" continued decline even imported the US and China's largest amount since they were the largest consumers of energy and time may prices are rising and that is unlikely now with the entry of Iran to the markets after the lifting of the embargo. "The world oil prices may have seen in the past three days, a significant decrease was the lowest in six years, reaching $ 40, but relatively rose the day before yesterday to reach $ 45. dependent Iraqi state in construction of the annual financial budget by about 90% on imports of the source of oil, and the resulting decline in crude prices since the middle of last year to a significant decline in Iraq's resources reaching its budget in 2015 about $ 100 billion deficit expected up to 25%, prompting the government to launch treasury bonds $ 6 billion and borrowing from the International Monetary Fund about $ 1.2 billion in an attempt to reduce this deficit with the continuing drop in prices. Included government reforms, the economic aspect activate loans to stimulate the economy in the country, and operation of the unemployed and the completion of payment term program and to address tax evasion and the application of the customs tariff fair at all border crossings and ports, including Krdstan.anthy region 2