Deputy accuses al-Jubouri disable the Federal Court Act and warns of boiling to eliminate street

Deputy accused the National Alliance, Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, disable the Federal Court to put the draft law on the parliamentary agenda for a vote and passed. " He stressed honest frankincense told all of Iraq [where] on the "must pass the Federal Court Act, which will be the start of real change in the judiciary, and today the ball in the court of the President of the House of Representatives, which defers put the law in parliament." "We in the National Alliance, we have no problem in passing of the bill on what was agreed upon regarding the Federal Court and the vote of two-thirds of the member, but the Kurdistan Alliance and the Union of national forces insist on compliance with the resolutions issued by the court."
He pointed out that chewing gum "If they ask the President of the House of Representatives of the Federal Court Act would vote in the parliamentary sessions by the National Alliance and the finish of it, otherwise we will stay Bhetwafiqih a concept that is close to the quota system and that, contrary to what he wants the Iraqi street." Student and member of the parliamentary legal committee, "the judiciary for changes, there are judges engaged in corruption and others on realistic indicators and we need real reform in this device as an independent authority is exercised by a large role in the state."
He warned frankincense from "boiling the Iraqi street, if it does not get in the elimination of amendments and the dimensions of corruption and would be considered inactivated eliminate the real fight against corruption and the testimony of the Integrity Commission, which often complains of stopping all its procedures for the judiciary and the payment of large effects," he said.
The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri has said in 10 this August in connection with the Federal Court Act "There is only one paragraph of the law is still in dispute and discussion relates to the quorum needed to pass decisions on contentious material between the federal and the provincial government, a need to provide alternative solutions and we were able to achieve this through initiatives in this framework it is possible to lead to solutions help us to overcome that point to move to vote on the law. "
It is said that the Supreme Judicial Council rejected unanimously in a special meeting to be held in 17 of this August, to discuss the development of the judicial process request of the President of the Council Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud transmits it to retire because "the public interest and justice at this stage require to stay in his duties as President of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Supreme Federal Court ".hsp Council resolution.
With renewed Supreme religious authority and demonstrators their demands to reform the judiciary.
The representative of the reference Mr. Ahmed net in his Friday sermon the day before yesterday "do not want to indulge in a statement aspects of corruption and negligence in the work of the judiciary during the past years, but we point out that what is observed from the proliferation of corrupt thieves of public money and guerrilla kidnapping and extortion and the prevalence of a culture of bribery in all aspects of the state and society is the failure of the results of many officials in this machine to do the performance of their duties and legal "