Deputy for the National: interference of the reference and demand-side reform the country disaster division

National Alliance MP Majid al-Gharawi said, "The reference was misplaced government intervention did not proceed with reform of the intervention and support in order to keep the division of Iraq."He said Gharrawi told all of Iraq [where], that "the circumstances in which it was experienced by the country and the intervention of outside parties that seek to divide it by provoking chaos and undermine the conduct of military operations and give incorrect and unrealistic information helped to have the issue of partitioning an active role as well as the pursuit of some especially the western provinces and Kurdish blocs to split from the political and the Iraqi House political blocs. " He added that "the reference when she saw this critical juncture sought to support the Government in question and called for reforms to meet the demands of the demonstrators to avoid a big disaster that cast a shadow on the country's fragile and division and the weakness of the Iraqi state."
He Ghraoui that "the partition scheme was a decree by the US strategies through previous statements concerning the support of the Kurds on the unit and support the western provinces of the fight against terrorism, this is a prelude to division", pointing out that the "reference other national powers when she saw that it sought to support the demands of the demonstrators , and the pressure on the government to speed up its implementation to avoid this catastrophe that occurred occurrence will be the country into the abyss of collapse. "
He stressed that "the interference of the reference in place the government did not proceed with reform without the intervention and support in order to keep Iraq from division and avoid the introduction of chaotic issues, where some parties seeking to exploit the conditions experienced by the country and undermine the government and provoke the demonstrators towards it and we pass a pinch of genuine security needs to concerted efforts. "
It was the religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani's office said in answering questions from an international agency in the context of the report prepared for the reforms approved by the Iraqi government, and the role of supreme authority in emphasizing the need to combat corruption and the development of state institutions and public services, that if reform was not achieved the real fight against corruption through relentlessly and social justice at various levels, it is expected to worsen the situation more than ever before, and probably dragged into what he wishes not any Iraqi lover to his homeland of the division and the like are not allowed Allah.anthy