Fatlawi: Abadi did not abide by Ptoukitat implementation of the reforms package, but many of them have been exceeded

Twilight News will head movement MP Hanan al Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi / she said on Monday that did not abide by Baltoukitat is allocated by the government in the implementation of reforms launched by the pack. Fatlawi wrote on the social networking pages, "The Council of Ministers voted on 08.09.2015 on the reforms adopted by the Prime Minister, during which he committed himself to a specific time Ptoukitat package made the Iraqi street, optimistic good and interacts with these reforms and got Abadi authorization from all sides to build on this timings, "afterthought say that" to this day Abadi did not abide by Baltoukitat proposed is that many of them have been exceeded. " She explained that "limit moment is Diwani cancel vice presidents and ministers not from him nor from the President of the Republic did not issue, although he said immediately, as well as reduce the upper limit for pensions for officials made during the week something not been issued so far, despite a couple of weeks." She pointed out that among the reforms "to activate loans (industrial, agricultural, housing, small business loans) before the end of the week passed two weeks and did not do the loans, although he said before the end of last week, as well as the completion of payment program on credit during the week passed two weeks without having to perform." She drew Fatlawi to "measures to solve the problem of electricity production Pmaatalq package, transport, distribution and collection completed within two weeks, two weeks passed and electricity, which was the basis of demonstrations in Basra as is"., She expressed her wish not to MP Abadi reform packages be "a dead letter, and adhere to the time set by the Baltoukitat is one of them and did not force him."