Economists and money Aahron Iraqi "quagmire" tunnels and suggest modification of salaries and the temptation to retire

Twilight News / research experts in the field of economy and finance system Salaries in Iraq as representing the dilemma of the dilemmas of the general situation in the country in economic, financial and social aspects under the circumstances taking place after flared situation recently estimated strikingly with the opinion calls for comprehensive change each with regard to the political system refers to the existence of the rule of crisis can be solved only through the development of the foundation of the problems in the current system real solutions. Said Member of Parliament Mehdi al-Hafez during a seminar held by the progress of policy development institute that after that we have seen from the large demonstrations and the positions of religious authority memorably must confirm that Iraq, he can not stay behind but must be stepping step forward concerning the lives of people and the provision of services and an end to corruption, noting that All this requires us to stop serious to find a reasonable solution to the current crisis, as it imposes a national duty to take over the prime minister to declare a state of emergency in the country and the formation of an emergency government of specialists and professionals on the basis of loyalty to the country and away from any sectarian commitment or twelve altogether and move away from quotas of all kinds

Hafiz said the emergency government shall undertake Bmanmam several, including the freezing of the Constitution, which came under much criticism, and to prepare for a new constitutional document, relying on a team of legal experts and politicians within one year. As well as disable the House of Representatives, and to prepare for parliamentary elections within three years, the current Council is a shrug that offers something important after undergoing agree components, sectarian and ethnic domination

He called Hafiz Prime Minister to continue the announced reforms and expansion in all areas and to ensure that the fight against corruption and waste of public money and the provision of services to the population ..walaml to liberate the country from Daash and terrorist activities and to promote security and stability in the country, and seek to resolve the dilemma of the displaced and ensure their return safe to their homes .. as well Democratic climate protection and the provision of guarantees for the respect of human rights and individual freedoms and the promotion of tolerance and national cohesion among groups and sections of the people

He stressed Hafiz that the issue of salaries and wages is one of the issues of concern, revealing the Coalition Provisional Authority asked in 2004 by the Ministry of Planning to create a project to determine the salaries and we are keen to establish clear points of income distribution has been proposed about a clear and explicit.

He asked Hafiz how we will tackle the problem of salaries and wages which is sizeable enough him because he represents the biggest source of plundering the wealth of the country due to poor payroll system, salaries are unreasonable in Iraq, there are those who receive a salary in the millions and others paid 150 000 dinars, and this issue needs to develop a vision and a clear and explicit. . pointing out that the government is facing a big challenge to either reconsider the foundations of the financial and monetary construction or remain ongoing farce.

Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq

Iraqi Central Bank Governor Dr. Ali Keywords between in his speech that the conditions are now very favorable to reconsider the financial system in Iraq through the preparation of the state budget, adding that the budget naked reading and viewing on the analysis do not give us accurate indicators of the overall economic situation in the country, it will lead to a lot of inaccurate analyzes on the subject of expenditure and revenue and even Tbooiha on the basis of operational and investment expenses Tab is inaccurate marred many of the observations that give wrong impressions and analyzes

He Keywords that when we are talking about oil being a supplier base we have to go deeper in numbers related to this supplier and that there is a clarification of these resources in terms of cost. When we talk about the amount of resources is 80, 90, or $ 50 billion must also mention how much is the net revenue from resources , noting that Iraq pay about $ 3.5 billion a month to the cost of production with the size of the oil revenue does not exceed $ 4 billion per month, meaning that net revenue was $ 0.5 billion and this leads to the government bear more losses, talk about resources should production be at a point certain of the production.

He called Keywords In the case of work on a new system to the need for separation of civilian and military personnel to help us on the analysis of existing data as to the structure of salaries and wages military and security side differs from the civil counterpart and merged together in the process of analysis could give us Mashrat and data of income is as accurate as that of this chapter between the two appears to us that one-third of government workers are from the military, as the angel of the defense and interior up to 1 million member and there are also 600 000 employees in the Kurdistan region and these cover the salaries of the region's share OBTAINED originally from the state budget and thus may get to (1.4) million employees is the sum of existing staff in ministries and this figure is the one who should be focusing on to get to the correct analysis.

He stressed Keywords that he can not put a scenario of salaries based on the exclusion ratio of staff but we must put a new philosophy of public office through certain targets based on the standards and principles of sound, including economic feasibility in retirement and how is possible to make it attractive to employees.

He pointed out that if we Anlguena of the fact that there are a large slouch in the government body, we must put processors for this command, and it must employ large numbers of staff to work in generating sectors of income such as customs and tax collections and other fees can be armies of people operate for the collection of resources for the budget of Besides taking advantage of these cadres at work.

Keywords and called for a kind of balance between salaries, but not in a way that makes the public service attractive as it gets today, even those who work in the private sector and Bajaur rewarding deny they are working in order to get a government job and this fact must be taken into account and we are working to prepare New ladder for salaries based on balance, justice and the privileges swells grammar which competes with the private sector and lead to further appetite for public office.

To that presented economic expert, Dr. Ahmed Alabreha analytical reading financial reality in Iraq starting point from which to determine the mechanisms and standards that can be adopted in a new system of salaries to state employees in the framework of macroeconomic salaries and wages, adding that oil exports since 2003 to 2014 amounted to 624 billion dollars He denied the arrival of the size of the oil revenues to a trillion dollars, as some spoke .oan 95 per cent of these (624) billion us and 5 per cent remains $ 592 billion, and if we exclude expenses sovereign and is transferred to the Kurdistan Region emerges that the Iraqi government has spent 510 billion dollars during this period.

Alabreha pointed to the existence of a huge decline in the non-oil production base, because 99 per cent of Iraq's exports are from oil. A brace on the annual spending rate for the government not to increase 6 per cent in order to maintain the sustainability.

He spoke Alabreha for what he called a dilemma government spending, this spending increase by a large but always salaries increase faster than government spending, as it is very difficult to reduce the salaries and the growth of government spending faster than the growth of economic revenue Domestic output (GDP) in Iraq has risen since 1970 to 2014 by about 5 per cent and exports of oil increased by 6 per cent and that means deepening dependence on oil and these facts can not be bypassed

And between Alabreha that the percentage of the economically active population of around 26-28 per cent, while up in the world to 30 or 35 per cent and the goal was to get to 30 per cent in Iraq to strengthen the character of the productive and under that have annual pay 8277 dollars and monthly to $ 690 and the Iraqi dinar is wage economically consistent with the 2014 is 828 Data thousand dinars, but if we take into account the decline in 2015 occurred must be the average wage less than that, explaining that the salaries of employees amounted to 2015 (38.5) trillion dinars and if we want to ensure social justice and link budget economic framework The total salary will be 30 trillion dinars with a minimum of 400 000 dinars if we take into account the number of associate exceeds 3 million employees and this number can not be manipulated.

The economic expert on behalf of Jamil Anton intervention summed up in a number of important issues that need to be addressed in the context of the reform process and its relationship with the financial and economic side .. Indicating that the budgets of 2003 - 2015 witnessed a significant upsurge in resources except for international grants, but for it under the level of services dire with the high rate of poverty and unemployment in the country and declining living conditions of the family

Anton pointed to the inequality in income distribution, especially between the public and private sectors and this resulted in a state of imbalance in the development of construction and pay young people to look for job opportunities in government institutions despite the presence of more than 4 million people working in the private sector but there only 150 thousand of these are unsecured and (29) thousand only receive a pension, calling for the need to take these facts into consideration and we are studying a new system of salaries in order to make a state of balance between the public and private sectors in order to encourage employment in the private sector and therefore relieve the pressure in the public sector

The economic expert Behnam Elias Boutros has the economic reality and how to take advantage of its data to a new system of salaries based on social justice and take into account the economic conditions experienced by Iraq occur. Indicating that the oil still constitutes the main source of the budget Other activities Fmsahmtha modest as the operating budget accounts for the largest proportion of resources while not exceeding forgot investment budget 10 per cent of gross domestic product and can not be in excessive investment side as long as the efficiency of the performance in the implementation of low-investment projects too.

Added Peter that he and despite the fact that imports show an annual growth rate seems simple (3.5) percent, but the important point is that these imports competitive Himkn mostly from domestic production coverage, noting that the compensation of employees take the brunt in the value added to the government sector without oil

Regarding the distribution of grades between Peter, we sometimes focus on the production side only that he is the one who runs the economy, but in fact, by the distribution is the most important and can production guidance, explaining that the grades a table in one of its sides draws a road map to the employee since the beginning of his appointment even referred to retirement benefits and annual bonuses mean a lot .. it is practically have to be an employee and he needs to annual increase for several reasons determined by the many variables according evolving obligations according to the evolution of life and the acquisition of the degree of luxury that up for it employee in the stages that give where such privileges gradually, leaving the field to those who come after him

Comments and discussions

Head of Iraqi businessmen Union Reza Ragheb Blibl talked about the lack of interest in the private sector in terms of salaries and wages within the laws of the State in this area, calling on the government to pay attention to this sector to be a real partner with the public sector and thus contribute to provide more job opportunities to relieve the burden on the budget and reduce government spending in the operational side and transfer money to the investment side in order to move the stalled factories and plants and increase the proportion of the contribution of the industrial sector in GDP.

Economic expert, Dr. Abdullah al-Bandar, the National Investment Commission adviser said the main cause of the situation reached by Iraq is Mtlazemtin are a significant lack of services and the existence of corruption and the presence of a large .. He explained that the Iraqis Asphroa good after 2003 because they will live in freedom and dignity and patience on the political system for more than one session Hoping that reviews the electoral politicians themselves .. But widespread corruption and deterioration of services almost continuously called on people to go out and protest ...

He added that al-Bandar literature after the sixties talking about economic and social development rather than growth in population and gross, but what does it mean and employee salary of $ 800 000 dinars, which pays million dinars for rent as well as the rest of the requirements of life expensive price. He called for an economic policy that takes into consideration the social aspects rather than the physical envelope of cash but note the general level of prices.

Banking expert Samir Nasiri said that the salary levels is one of the important topics of the reform process, noting that the absence of social justice in the payroll system .. calling for the committee includes the preparation of the new salary system experts and specialists experienced from government and private sectors and in equal proportions and be the Commission's decision binding legislation.

He suggested Alnasiri study scientific and economic criteria and return to the Iraqi experience and of the civil service law, which includes a description a great job there is nothing wrong to see the experiences of oil-producing countries in the region that give their employees a rewarding salary guarantee them a decent living for economic expert, Dr. Majid picture talked about the economic imbalance in the distribution of income and wealth which resulted in the existence of significant differences in the salary scale in the job, indicating that the basic problem is the private sector salaries that have not been addressed have never .. the other side of the problem is the magnitude of the provisions This is another issue that must stop then carefully

House of Representatives member Jamal Muhammadawi said the issue of salaries linked to the budget and this linked to the Iraqi economy, but so far that all the ideas presented are the austerity ideas to cope with the current crisis resulting from the decline in oil prices .. indicating a problem in revenue and funding Under the current circumstances there is a good chance to re- considering the general budget of the state and make it responsive budget by about scientific economic reality of Iraq.

Economist Adnan Chalabi called for the restructuring of some public sector companies and bring it back to the private sector companies to be productive and focus on the production and financing process.

Economic expert contrary goldsmith called on government institutions to adopt the principle of the private sector in financial management, which measure things as is produced in a specific time period .. Indicating that the new peace of salaries should take into considered to involve specialists in the preparation of peace as well as to give the role of the private sector in the preparation of the system New

Regarding the treatment of sagging career jeweler called for a phased strategy to address this matter based on the activation of the private sector and make a reverse migration from the public sector and thus ease the burden on the government

Iraqi media Hamid Ulkipaia between the private officials who are talking about the need for them Kavaidan but are Iraqi citizens and their presence is necessary in light of the security imbalance that exists in Iraq and these need to be trained protections. With regard to salaries Ulkipaia refers to the existence of low salaries and this is unacceptable and this requires a review of the system used in accordance with the economic perspective, demanding the exception of experiences and competencies of the Iron peace of salaries according to the recipe These are experiences that build the country and development of the Iraqi economy

Banking expert Abdul Aziz Hassoun between that all laws passed since 2003, including the Constitution did not Attbak about true .. Indicating that the salary estimated the value of the dollar and that any commodity in the market but staying at a price of dollar, suggesting that the distribution of salaries in dollars, not dinars, it would reduce it consumption by 15 per cent.

Banking expert, Dr. Ali agent called to the availability of a set of controls that precede the development of a new law on salaries and other track approval and identification of needs, working hours and the level of performance

Tariq Ali of the Association of Iraqi banks between there is a fear and lack of confidence of workers in the private sector who would prefer to work in the public sector. Therefore, private sector development and would support its employees would encourage to work in this sector.