Dhi Qar adopt the principle of reward and punishment in evaluating the performance of its departments

Sunday 23-08-2015 | 10:20:07

Twilight News / confirmed the governor of Dhi Qar Yahia Nasseri said Sunday the adoption of the principle of reward and punishment in evaluating the performance of departments, while stressing the need to inject new blood to improve management performance for the purpose of upgrading the services provided to the people.

Nasseri said in a statement responded to Twilight News, that "the administrative reform process is still ongoing and recently included the exemption of a number of directors of departments in order to inject new blood into the joints and improve administrative management performance in the delivery of services to citizens."

"The performance of all government departments in the province currently in the assessment phase, both changed their managers or to be covered by the change later," stressing that "the administration of the province will adopt the principle of reward and punishment, but in the process of evaluating administrative performance."

He Nazareth that "some well-performing districts have got a thank you and appreciation from the administration of the province, while the managers who were relieved not fared required level and who spent more than four years in office."

He called on the governor of Dhi Qar, the Integrity Commission and all regulatory bodies and institutions to follow the work of departments in the province for the purpose of improving government performance.

The local government in Dhi Qar has recently taken a first package of administrative reforms to improve government performance and the fight against corruption, including all municipal councils solution in districts, counties and exempt more than 17 director of the official security and a number of draw the following based managers respects from their posts and the elimination of three of the aides conservative positions and the advisers.