Planning proposes to cancel and postpone projects at a cost of 48.8 trillion dinars due to the financial crisis

Twilight News / Iraqi Ministry of Planning has proposed on Sunday Cancel 296 projects and postpone the other in 2169 due to the financial crisis plaguing the country due to the significant decline in oil prices and rising costs of the war on Daash. He said ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi said in a statement seen by Twilight News, "The ministry has taken significant actions sentence under the financial conditions experienced by Iraq." And that "the ministry has secured the amount of two billion dinars to pay dues Contractors ongoing projects in coordination with the ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry and the provinces for the purpose of knowledge amounts payable obligations to contractors for work completed Dhirat or any other obligations."
Hindawi pointed out that "a number of ongoing projects until the middle of this year amounted to 6082 ongoing projects, divided by 2577 projects economic sectors which agricultural include 188 projects, and industrial 381, and transport and communications 332 projects, buildings and services in 1232 a project, and Education 444 projects, there are 3505 projects within the development of the regions except for the Kurdistan Regional Program ", noting that" the cost of these projects amounted to approximately 280 trillion dinars. "

Abdul-Zahra said that "the ministry proposed the deletion of 296 projects at a cost of 10 trillion and 652 billion dinars, as projects are not a priority at the current stage," explaining that "The ministry also proposed to reduce the cost of ongoing projects by a trillion and 471 billion dinars."

And between Abdul-Zahra, that "The ministry also discussed the possibility of postponing the 2169 project was entrusted to 36 trillion and 720 billion dinars," pointing out that "the total amount reduced by the deletion of the postponement of projects will reach 48 trillion and 870 billion dinars, representing 29.5 per cent of the total cost ongoing projects. "

He continued that "the priority given to the implementation of projects with advanced ratios in achievement, taking into account the amount of contractual obligations with secure these commitments by the state budget to take advantage of the nearby outputs verification".

Abdul-Zahra said that "the rest of the projects are handled by looking at the size of the amounts required to be completed, and the possibility of converting the project to the investment opportunity and on this basis is determining the appropriate funding formula."