Planning: 6082 continues to project development programme
By: wab1
Date: Monday, 24-08-15 02:00 am

Baghdad: Baghdad news
Ministry of planning, revealed that the number of ongoing projects-

This year (6082) ongoing project distributed (2577) project for economic sectors include agriculture (188), industrial (381), transport and communications (332) projects, buildings and services (1232), and education (444) project. There are (3505) projects within the programme for the development of the territories except for the Kurdistan region and commissioned such projects amounted to approximately (280) trillion Iraqi dinar ".
Official spokesman for the Ministry, in a statement received by Al-Hindawi Nicole "Iraq News" that the Ministry has taken a series of important measures in the framework of the financial circumstances in which Iraq and procedures securing $ 2 trillion dinars to pay contractors for ongoing projects in coordination with relevant ministries and non-related ministries and provinces for the purpose of knowing the amounts of obligations payable to the contractor for work done or zeraat any other commitments and work to evaluate investment projects in light of the orientations of the Government to tackle the financial crisis and prioritize projects based on criteria The specific implementation of the recommendations of the Ministerial Committee formed for this purpose, adding that "the standards emphasize that the project is appropriate with the national development plan document and the Government programme and indicators of follow-up field teams".
The priority given to the implementation of projects developed in the achievement ratios taking into account amounts contractual obligations with these commitments by the General State budget to take advantage of the nearby outputs verification, other projects are addressed through consideration of the amounts required to complete the project and the possibility to convert the project to an investment opportunity and on this basis identify appropriate funding formula is either from or through loan payment term or revealing that "the Ministry proposed in Under the memorandum of understanding signed between the Ministers of planning and finance and the recommendations of the Ministerial Committee, u.s. investment budget to suit the country's financial situation, and has been discussing this issue with the concerned ministries and authorities to identify projects that can be cancelled or postponed.
Adding that "the Ministry suggested after rounds of discussions to delete (296) projects which are not of priority projects in current stage costing trillions (10) and (256) billion Iraqi dinar. The Ministry also proposed also to reduce ongoing projects commissioned by (1) trillion (174) billion dinars ".
Hindawi said that the Ministry of planning showed during discussions deferred (2169) project cost (36) trillion (720) billion dinars. The total reduced amount by deleting the project will delay (48) trillion (870) billion dinars pose (29.5) per cent of the total cost of ongoing projects in what constitutes a reduction projects accounted for 40 per cent of the total amount of outstanding obligations amounting to 120 trillion (855) billion dinars ". .
Hindawi has increased the amounts remaining after making deletions and postponement of investment projects to be secured in the budget over the coming years according to the stages of project implementation is about (127) trillion dinars, which constitute (59.6) per cent of the amount remaining financial obligations. "