Jaafari reveals near launch new Prime Minister reform package
History of edits:: 2015/8/23

Jaafari reveals near launch new Prime Minister reform package
Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari revealed that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will present a new package of proposals.
A statement from the office of al-Jaafari to say, "It is hoped that these reforms continue, do not stop at this point."
Jaafari stressed that "the government has embarked on the process of reform steps in the Council of Ministers," adding that "the government took the demands of the demonstrators are given serious consideration, and the Council of Ministers embarked on her studies, and respond to them quickly."
He explained, "must promote a culture of anti-corruption, and the fight against the new class case. Some enjoy the richness of obscene, and privileges as the Iraqi people are suffering from a significant lack of services."
He stressed "the need to lift the momentum of the fight against Daash terrorist gangs that are trying to infringe on the rest of the provinces, and disclosed by saying: We are fighting on two fronts, but strong for any of our people and himself that he would build Iraq in spite of the challenges."
The prime minister Haider al-Abadi has launched beams first reforms in the August 9 this included several files, including reducing the protections of officials and the abolition of the top positions and keep it away from quotas and the abolition of disparities in salaries and the fight against corruption as well as the axes of administrative and economic has been approved by the House of Representatives at the invitation of the Supreme religious authority and demonstrators.
Abadi also issued on 16 August of this another package of reforms included government limbering, integrate and Zarat.anthy