Abadi called third package of reforms: the sacking of Minister of Electricity and the integration of his ministry's oil and water resources, agriculture

BAGHDAD ((eighth day)) Plans to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, during the next few days, the launch of a new package of reforms is to reduce the government cabin, and the likely political analyst at the agency ((eighth day)) that the government package includes the sacking of Minister of Electricity and the integration of his ministry at the Ministry of Oil, and the integration of the ministries of water resources in agriculture , with the replacement of three ministers revolves around accusations of corruption.

He added: Although the religious authority to grant the green light to deport Ebadi Minister without reference to the bloc, but the reforms have not approaching some ministers and officials who called for demonstrations Bacalthm.

He believes that the application of reforms needs to be a long time because of the accumulation which extends to thirteen years helped to create armies of corrupt.

Says MP from the coalition of state law Messenger satisfied that "the political blocs fear of losing their posts and ministries, prompting it to put pressure on al-Abadi non-inclusion of its ministries merger or cancellation," pointing out that "al-Abadi and his advisers seriously studying the integration of these ministries."

The attention of a member of a coalition of state law that "al-Abadi faces a problem in the process of merging ministries person who will occupy the ministry, is it the Prime Minister or the second? It will be given to the character of a second, "stressing that" This is another sort of second merger that would reduce ministries to nearly 18 the Ministry instead of 22 ministries. "

Attorney Messenger Radi reveals that "at the head of the ministers who will be replaced by Minister of Electricity is excluded and that became a virtual certainty, but the remaining ministries, which intends to merge Abadi, the State Committee have yet to find an appropriate mechanism to begin incorporating them."

When you see MP for the coalition of state law, high Nassif that all political blocs stand with reforms taken by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi after the package structure of the state-digging over the past 13 years ", stressing that" we have no choice but to stand with these reforms. " .

She said Nassif, he "According to my knowledge the first of the new reforms will come in the next few days to change the ministers who revolve around them corruption indicators with a reduced once again to the ministerial cabins to settle at 19 ministries."

And it draws the MP for the rule of law that "the coming changes will include four to three ministers will change them during the coming reforms."

The head of the Council of Ministers, was taken, in this August 9, six reform decisions, represented the abolition of the posts of Vice President and the Prime Minister ((immediately)), and a comprehensive and immediate reduction in the number of protections for state officials.

In turn, sees Razak Mahabs, MP from the Badr bloc, the great reforms need to be the subject of a long time to implement it within a certain methodology and stages and the foundations of logical ".

Mahabs confirms, that these reforms initiated Ptivha the prime minister will not be the last, but will be followed by a set of reforms that will be applied later, "pointing out that" everyone with reform processes put forward by al-Abadi.

But showing a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary surprise at the absence of reform and papers, presented by al-Abadi, which during the last period, the dismissal of the Minister of Electricity, which was a requirement turnout of demonstrators, calling on the prime minister to complete the reform steps to serve the aspirations of the Iraqi people.

And a member of the Badr bloc sees that some ministries are merged, such as the ministries of electricity, oil, agriculture, water resources, education, higher education, "pointing saying," There are plenty of freedom and movement of the head of the government of undermining his ministry. "

Supreme religious authority has lined up with the mass movement, and called on al-Abadi to ((beating with an iron fist)) to ((abusers)) people's money, as called for on Friday, ((the 14th of August now)), to purge the judiciary of corruption.

In the meantime, says Nora Albjara, MP from the Union of Iraqi forces, that the application of Aldharra reforms in separate time periods because of the existing accumulation since the last 13 years ", and stressed" the judiciary and other institutions reform. "

And demanding Albjara, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to clarify the fate of the 11 ministries were merged and the abolition of some of them and the conditions of its employees and general managers where they are going?

And wondering MP said, "Is the prime minister will stick to the standard of independence distribute new positions without taking the opinion of any political bloc?", Stressing the need to "be there intervals between each reform process offered by the government." It ended 4