Dawa Party emphasizes the need to respond to popular demands and supports reforms Abadi
Saturday, 22 August 2015 23:21

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Said the Islamic Dawa Party, Saturday, on the need to respond to popular demands service, while expressed his support for the prime minister Haider al-Abadi in the reform movement.

The party said in a statement received Alsumaria News , a copy of the "Shura Council advocacy and cadre base in the party was held this evening, an important meeting in the presence of Secretary General of the Party and the Prime Minister and the leadership of the call," noting that he "has to discuss policy and security developments in the country and the events taking place in and select position the right towards them. "

He said the party "The meeting stressed the leading role of the call in the middle of the nation's political and national responsibilities and legitimacy that should assume in this historic juncture," adding that "the meeting Ahab Bada'ap mobilize their energies and promoting public presence and strengthening the organizational structure of the party so that he can express honestly about hopes and aspirations of the people and vigorously defend their legitimate rights. "

"The meeting discussed the popular demands peaceful, and stressed the need to respond to these service demands and achieve the desired reform and the fight against corruption unabated," pointing out that "the meeting stressed the importance of granting adequate opportunity the executive and legislative bodies in order to accomplish benefits of this reform based on the Constitution and the laws."

The party stressed that "the meeting declared their support for the Prime Minister in his reform and stand with him in the implementation of the decisions announced and which will be announced packages," explaining that "these reforms came a conscious response to the appeal of the Supreme religious authority and meet public demands."

He noted that "the meeting stressed the leading role of the National Alliance and ensure the unity of the decision and position for the advancement of the duties and requirements of the stage and transit in Iraq to safety, also stressed the importance of protecting the democratic experiment and the political system and development to keep pace with the needs and respond to the challenges through constructive cooperation with the political process and national forces partners sincere ".

"The vivid meeting Championships armed forces and security agencies all factions of the popular crowd who stand up valiantly and courageously to clique Daash otherwise Rhabiyan, also highly appreciated the sacrifices precious for the sake of protecting the homeland and to achieve security and stability in its land," adding that "preachers pledged at the conclusion of their meeting martyrs, especially Reference Commander Martyr Sadr (RIP) to continue the march blessed steadily and work with dedication and sincerity found in order to serve the people of this noble and fair victory for their issues.