US report reveals the possession of members of the Kurdistan Alliance, $ 300 billion financial Korsdh
Date: 08/22/2015 12:17

Information / Baghdad / ..
US report revealed the richness of obscene to members of the Kurdistan Alliance as much as report their wealth to 300 billion dollars and almost the majority of its warehouse in foreign banks for investment.
The report, seen by Agency / information / "The Kurdistan Alliance has the highest figure in the number of wealthy among Iraqi officials, where the wealth of its members was estimated at $ 300 billion."
The report indicated that "there are five officials in response have more than two-thirds of this amount and 10 others have the remaining third of it."
The report said "the Iraqi List, worth wealth that is owned by more than 25 official and deputy which about $ 180 billion."
The report pointed out that "former House Speaker Osama Najafi has a fortune estimated at more than $ 24 billion, and government officials there have huge amounts of money in the form of cash and immovable property such as real estate and stocks and bonds and stakes in companies."
The report revealed that "nearly 60% of the Iraqi officials did not apply the disclosure of financial accounts for each official of the law before and after the receipt of any government or judicial office of a legislative or executive."
The report explained that "this huge wealth of new Iraqi officials are deduced from the stands of the adoption of the law of parties, which includes in its paragraphs materials clearly identify a demanding Altamoal.obhsp legal experts on the Integrity Commission to proceed in the accounting of these parties according to the constitution," .anthy / 25 R.