Planning reconsider the implementation of more than six thousand investment project

Brother - Baghdad - Ministry of Planning and expressed its intention, to reconsider the implementation of more than six thousand continuous investment project, in light of the economic situation experienced by the country.

He said ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi, that "mini-Economic Committee, headed by Rep. Najiba Najib and the membership of two members of parliament, last Monday, visited the ministry and met with Minister Salman Jumaili, agents and general managers involved in the economic aspect, and held an expanded meeting was able to discuss a lot of issues that relate to Economic scene in Iraq and package economic measures undertaken by the government, especially in light of the economic crisis, "he said, adding" the formation of parliamentary committees mini each committee is following the work of a particular ministry. "

"The meeting discussed reconsider the priorities of ongoing investment projects, since there are about six thousand or more than six thousand project whether port by federal ministries or local governments in the provinces must be reconsidered in its implementation under the shadow of the economic circumstances experienced by Iraq."

Hindawi pointed to "the agreement that divided the projects into three categories, the first to be funded by the state budget beside her investment, and the second represents projects that are implemented through financing on credit or put investment opportunities, while the third category includes projects to be shut off or canceled the shadow of the current circumstances in order to ensure the continuation of Altmanip wheel."