Hamoudi: Parliament will initiate a law protects the popular crowd

Twilight News / said the Presidium of the Iraqi Council of Representatives member Hamoudi said on Saturday that the Iraqi parliament will initiate a law protects the popular crowd, which is fighting organization Daash.

Said Hamoudi in his speech while attending the World Assembly Conference to the people of House VI in Tehran, said that "Iraq front of the big challenges of the war against Daash in various fronts and fight the corrupt and improve the services fully, which requires a real cooperation between the executive and legislative branches to do the duties and reforms that accelerate the laws and decisions serve the citizen. "

He added, according to a statement his office responded to Twilight News, "The House of Representatives past legislation law protects the popular mobilized and establishes military national group fighting terrorism and stand with the Iraqi army, and another law that guarantees the privileges and rights of the families of martyrs of them."

And the First Vice-President of the Council during the conference, which was attended by more than 130 countries that "this conference comes important and sensitive time, it takfiris tries true religion landmarks distortion, where they wanted to kill us on the first day when he had the people's will and judgment and decided his fate will select its representatives to write to him the hands of the Iraqi constitution and in a manner transparent and clear, then was chosen to vote for the Constitution and perform be keen to prove it every Iraqi rights and the protection of his identity and his religion, practices and rituals, according to its articles and its content. "

He said that the "fatwa reference should be Ulkipaia Jihad was the basis premise, which lashed through which the Iraqi people and were able to self-started patting on the people of the house they approach the peace that unite to mobilize national brave of all Iraqis to defend their homeland and make a significant victories against criminality Daash".