Keywords: SME loans will reduce dependence on budget

Qurtas News / Baghdad - The Central Bank of Iraq, Saturday, that the small and medium enterprises launched by Bank loans will reduce the reliance on the budget and develop the economy.

The governor of the bank on the Keywords in a statement to "Qurtas News" that "the Bank has launched over the past three months, 6 trillion dinars divided by trillion dinars for private banks for the implementation of small and medium-different projects, and five trillion dinars to the industrial sector banks, agricultural, real estate."

He Keywords that "the central bank loans that will stimulate the internal market and provide the hands of working and reduce the unemployment pays to reduce dependence on the federal budget each year," stressing that "the loan will help in the growth of the Iraqi economy, particularly in light of the financial distress caused by the decline global oil prices, pointing out that the Bank seeks to support the economy and maintain the dinar. "

The Iraqi Central Bank announced in July 23, 2015 in a ceremony organized by the Association of Iraqi private banks announced the launch of a trillion dinars for private banks loans to finance projects, noting that instructions have been approved organization of the work guarantee bank loans companies.

The Central Bank of Iraq said earlier, that he believes in the importance of the private sector and its role in rebuilding Iraq, pointing out that there was no intent to put restrictions on the remittance activity despite the conditions experienced by the country.