BGG: Sadr's movement calls for Maliki to surrender to eliminate

BGG: The political body of the Sadrist movement Nuri al-Maliki called for a surrender to justice. The authority said in a statement; that "al-Maliki on the surrender of the judiciary and to appear before the competent court and face the charges against him." She said the body; "The court will determine guilt or innocence of al-Maliki."

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BGG: This is very heartening for me - Sadr, possibly Hakim, Sistani - the major Shia clerics in Iraq are behind the demonstrations demanding reforms.
BGG: the significance being Maliki is Shia...
BGG: Iran is ruled by Shias...
BGG: they may be behind a push to bury the charges against Maliki. Could be early to tell - however, I point out they are all Shia - being "opposed" by Iraqi Shias...
BGG: the Iraqis have figured out - if they don't get these "Shia thugs" out - their country will never get better.

GrannieAnnie: Amen

BGG: "Shia thugs" being different than Iraqi Shias wanting a better life.
BGG: very good to see Shias rising up against Shia cronyism
BGG: also - these three seem to be adamant about "judicial reform" - which means the end for Mahmoud.
BGG: interestingly - Abadi's fall back position to Tehran seems to be "the judicial system" will decide Maliki's fate - not him.
BGG: I hope that stance holds and they get Medhat al-Mahmoud out before Maliki's trial - on the other hand, Maliki may not even be tried by Iraqis?? We will see - soon enough.

RickeyT: do you really feel Iraq can pull off a increase in value before the end of Sept or do you feel it may take longer? either way is ok

BGG: I think - as soon as Maliki is fully "dealt with" and some resolution comes to the Gov of the CBI - the door is wide open to monetary reform. THAT IS EXACTLY what I think...
BGG: and all of that can happen very, very quickly...

RickeyT: to me it isn't as much of a priority as it once was

BGG: as we are (recently) well aware - it is unlikely anything of that magnitude would happen without it being international news. As with Abadi reforms - whatever happens in this regard, it will be live everywhere - not put out on some obscure chat room or message board...
BGG: and with Twitter - we'll know (or have some heads up) within minutes.

BGG: of a direct move against Maliki.


BGG: The next thing I want to address is the Dinar Corp Press Release...
BGG: it is legit.

BGG: It was sent to me directly via one of Dinar Corp's legal team... a known and previous contact.
BGG: Further - I don't get the impression it is about stirring up some "symapthy" campaign the way Sterling was up to a few days ago... which is ANOTHER RETARDED move - these prosecutors won't be intimidated by public opinion. It appears to be exactly what it is...
BGG: not well timed - not super polished, but by appearances, a genuine attempt to make right.
BGG: other than that - I had reservations about even publishing it - DinarUpdates.com currently) has no relationship with them STERLING (nor will we in the future) and we aren't their "mouth piece".
BGG: that was published on behalf and for our readers benefit ONLY!!


BGG: looks like waiting to me - I think the government's extension (14 days) is only good thru the 24th??
BGG : so - should be more word out the 24th

BGG : While the Sterling and DC thing were both every different - DC's issue is still very serious.
BGG: not having the proper licence is a big deal - However, no one in the whole community had the licenses they needed.
BGG: no one.

Signman: wouldn't this be great for those that have reserves, because DinarCorp just admitted they owe those?

BGG: I don't think they have ever denied as much - but they are under a TRO and to fulfill anything - they have to get permission from the government.

thefarm7: Not about Dinar Corp but are there any updates on Sterling for those that had reserves/layaways? (I may have missed a conversation about it.)

BGG: Not that I have heard.

HEARTLAND: How will $40 oil affect an RV...at one time it was said that $100 oil was needed

BGG: IMHO - not at all, I don't agree with $100 oil being required. In fact, if one ascribes to a "short move" or "emergency currency reform" as a short term budget deficit "bridge" - then $40 oil is not a problem - but a catalyst for change.

horsegal: We are due a reserve from that DINARCORP, should we go ahead and email them?



Loop: Hassani: 100 national and professional personal to escalate the issue of Iraqi al-Maliki Accounting International lawyers and Iraqi constitute committees to trial Maliki Dubai, report - d. Ali Qahas Friday August 21, 2015 He returned again called Nuri al-Maliki to attack the Kingdom to appease his masters in Tehran for running Bhmahm after that stained his hands dirty with the blood of Iraqis, where he tried to abuse ousted Maliki Kingdom through its participation in a racist conference in Tehran.
As shown that this criminal has lost his mind while taking distributes the charges for non to justify his policy of racism abhorrent adopted during his presidency of the government in Iraq, which failed, it seems that screams called al-Maliki, high volume pain resulting from sectarian policies abhorrent failure par excellence, which tried planted since becoming prime minister in Iraq's cooperation with his masters in Tehran, to sow discord and hatred among the Iraqi people that was at peace before he was suspicious in power. Dulaimi: Maliki terrorist crimes will not be time-barred Nuri al-Maliki came from Tehran and returned to it, leaving sectarian and destruction in Mesopotamia Since then, al-Maliki proved a major rift between the Iraqi people and the foundations of sectarian militias and terrorist organizations to kill and the liquidation of political opponents, scientists and thinkers, especially from Sunni Arabs, and lavished money of the Iraqi people billions on his entourage and his militia despite the lack of electricity and water availability for the rest of the citizens who are starving, and are looking for food in garbage heaps. This is called as prepared for his masters in Tehran, influential and wide in the military and intelligence fields and the joints of the Iraqi state, and lavished large sums on an Iranian research centers in various Iraqi places, one of fueling sectarian conflict, displacement and arrested thousands national Iraqi men, women, and work on the liquidation of his opponents inside and outside prison of the sons of the year, which raised the ire of all the Iraqi people, who did not know the manifestations of cramping and sectarian strife, where he was melt in the Arab identity of one. And betrayal resounding majority in the fall of the city of Mosul, however Daash, and that the Iraqi parliament recently demanded his trial on impact; but he refused the results of this parliamentary committee despite being the actual founder of this Parliament to grant a salary of US $ 15 thousand for each member. The impact of these crimes raise many of the sons of the Iraqi people and jurists lawsuits to try this murderer who tore the identity of the Iraqi people and carried out the agendas of regional powers since he was a subject in Tehran before 2003 loaded with ideas and projects sectarian malicious criminal. Here is a return to the bosom of treason after Israeli incursions and the support of the occupation of his country and looted money of the Iraqi people to astronomical numbers. Iraqi lawyer Kamel al-Hassani, deputy secretary-general has initiated the National Research Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, the National Campaign for Accounting al-Maliki, where he was the first to introduce complained criminal against him, where he persuaded the judge Rahim exile in Erbil to assist him in the case, then the inventory of the constitutional, criminal and civil offenses committed by Maliki, which caused the collapse of the Iraqi state, directed him charged with treason. The submission of the complaint and handed fundamentalist Iraqi judiciary which remiss since more than a year trying to evade the implementation of constitutional and legal responsibilities in the accused al-Maliki accountable, and that it completed the preparation of a national campaign outside Iraq won the support of 100 national figure and a professional Iraqi to escalate the issue of al-Maliki accountable. For his part, Dr. prominent lawyer Khalil al-Dulaimi said that the crimes committed by this sectarian terrorist offender is no statute of limitations sooner or later, namely war crimes, crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity, as well as the crime of incitement and sectarian mobilization against terrorism, and he tore the unity of the Iraqi people, and re-Ranked . This is the same sectarian rejected was not known, at the time of the Iraqi people lived thousands of years united Mtakhia, and perhaps legal advisers did not advise him that the crime of incitement in international criminal law punishable by death most of the perpetrator himself. We insure millions of families of victims of this terrorist sectarian offender that the blood of their sons and symptoms and the honor of Iraqi men and women violated in prisons and cells of this criminal are all documented we have hundreds of thousands of files and witnesses and CDs and are ready to have and we'll very soon be submitting the form of lawsuits in international courts to obtain this criminal and his ilk and his gang of terrorist militias and gangs as well as hold him accountable after the liberation of Iraq from the Iranian occupation in front of the National Iraqi judiciary and free.


Loop: 100 national and professional personal to escalate the issue of Iraqi al-Maliki Accounting
Loop: Keep in mind that this is from a Sunni source.

BGG: Thanks for that Loop - (I asked Loop to bring an article).
BGG: The interesting thing about this - it appears the ICC will be the "bad guys" here...

Loop: The attorney pictured in the article in the one the forwarded the file to the ICC. Maybe it would be for the best if they have to take him out.

BGG: In the best case scenario (for Abadi), since Maliki has no immunity and Abadi is / may be under pressure by Iran - the ICC appears to be the ones with strongest and quickest remedy to Maliki.

Dr Dave: DAWA's would not agree.....

BGG: FWIW - the Dawa is clearly split on the issue. Not all the Dawa party is on board with Maliki - in fact, there are (reportedly) some influential Dawa members recently pulling support for Maliki and "throwing in" with Abadi. This is the kind of "behind the scenes" power shift we need. It is happening.

jackflash101st: in your opinion what would be maliki status if he were sunni?

BGG: He would be living in a nice dwelling in Erbil or Turkey (maybe France) until the ugliness blows over.


BGG: Chairman of the Integrity Commission announced the (victory) issuance of the arrest warrants and Astkdamat against state officials and ministers

BGG: Twilight News / Chairman of the Integrity Commission Hassan al-Yassiri said Thursday the issuance of warrants for the arrest and Astkdamat integrity of specialized courts against state officials and government ministers, former and current charges of financial and administrative corruption.
Yasiri said at a news conference today, he said that nine ministers issued a court order against them 18, indicating that it was issued 24 is the introduction of the right of 13 ministers. He explained that some of those ministers and their grade outside the country have been issued decisions to them back from those countries that exist out. The Yasiri it also issued 450 arrest on corruption charges against some of them state officials.

BGG: http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...l=1#post127872

BGG: I wonder if Maliki's name was on this list??? Hmmmmmmm??
BGG: it won't be long until we know.

Loop: Looks like they are even going after people who are out of the country. Am I reading that correctly?
Loop: He explained that some of those ministers and their grade outside the country have been issued decisions to them back from those countries that exist out.

BGG: That appears to be correct.

Loop: That is big. Thanks

BGG: I agree - very big. The next few days and weeks will be exciting to watch...
BGG: OK gang - Gotta' go and thanks for tuning it

Mrs BGG Loop: Thank you for joining!!

BGG: We'll be here tonite for Round Table - Thanks so much.

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