When unite the goals of the demonstrators and their protectors 8/21
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Thread: When unite the goals of the demonstrators and their protectors 8/21

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    When unite the goals of the demonstrators and their protectors 8/21

    When unite the goals of the demonstrators and their protectors

    August 21, 2015

    Baghdad: Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) , even in the countries most organized and advanced to Ataatouhd goals of the demonstrators with the police or army officers or riot or terrorism agencies except demonstrations Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, Vlljmah third in the context of crowds of mankind is the largest of its kind in the history of Iraq Protesters raise slogans and supports the objectives of the head of the executive power in the country.

    For his part, the Prime Minister calls not to respond to the demonstrators or warning of their intentions, but to protect them from "infiltrators" who follow the whales corruption of the people who declared supported by a religious authority peaceful open war on them.

    The relationship between the security forces and demonstrators stretched According to say civil rights activist Sadik Hussein's (IMN) to the "human dimension by ensuring the provision of all the ways leading to the success of the objectives of the demonstration and not a demonstration, as a goal in itself", adding that "the security men who both Avchunna at Login or stand Khait repel around the square deal with us as a tongue what they twice .. once they are Iraqis want to the reform process in the country to continue the success the elimination of the phenomena of corruption and quota system and build a state of institutions, and once they are fighters, they have a divine mission, to free the usurped Iraqi cities of Daash gangs, which It is linked in many aspects of it as demanded by the demonstrations, whether in Baghdad or the provinces. "

    Civil rights activist and professor of international media Kazem Mikdadi says for (IMN) said that "the most important title in the relationship between us and the security forces is a common goal between us, the Iraqis fact that we face an enemy and one with two faces, a terrorism and corruption, and therefore we Kmtzahreinn apprehension or dread or do not feel fear of the security men Even though smashing looked serious as they have their role in the imposition of security around the square and they certainly not feel that we are the antithesis of them so that generated a state of fear or fear of reciprocal ".

    He adds Mikdadi "I got in demonstrations in 2011 a kind of mutual intimidation, because of the government at that time stood unfortunately the wrong way against the demonstrators, which led to obtain attacks and even arrests, while it is now completely different as to make us feel that we Kmtzahreinn security forces want to reach the goal It is the same reform. "

    In the same context emphasizes civil activist left Majeed's ((IMN that "the most important thing may be touched in this matter is the start of the inspection process that we are subject we women passing by to enter the arena, where the security forces lead two types of protection, a general protection us Kmtzahreinn In general, regardless of whoever affiliations and Mcharbna, and the protection of fraternal us women through the provision of all the verses of veneration and respect, which means that the security forces did not monitor the demonstrators with caution and fear as much as trying to protect the demonstrators, they may be subjected to malicious actors want demonstrations path letter ".

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