Sistani's office: who ruled the country the past few years bear most of the responsibility for what ended up


(Independent) .. supreme religious authority, Mr. Sistani politicians who ruled the country in the past years, the Office carry most of the responsibility for what ended up.

He said al-Sistani's office in response to AFP questions Gallery, on Friday, that "the supreme religious authority has long called for the fight against corruption, reform of government institutions, and improving public services, and warned more than once from the consequences of procrastination in it, including in a statement issued from its office In February 2011, it was stated that "the religious authority, which has long emphasized the officials need to work to achieve the legitimate demands of the people warn of the consequences of continuing the current approach in the state administration, and which can result from not speed up the development of radical solutions to the problems of citizens who are patient it long ".

He added, "In recent weeks to perform the patience of many Iraqis and protested against the poor conditions in the country and demanded repaired, and found the religious authority that the time is propitious strong push in this direction through the emphasis on the officials, led by the Prime Minister in his capacity as Chief Executive Officer in the country to take steps serious and well thought out in order to combat corruption and achieve social justice. "

He said the "approach the Supreme religious authority is not to engage in the reform process details, and only made a statement outlines her for advice and guidance, as in the words of their representatives in Friday sermons in the holy city of Karbala, and hopes that officials are unsuccessful in doing this difficult task, and make decisions bold be convincing the Iraqi people, and would support the reference then certainly. "

He said to call the Supreme religious authority in early after former regime fall to the general election; to enable the Iraqi people to choose their representatives in the House of Representatives, and then form a national government perform their duties in providing security and services and moving the country towards the advancement and progress, explaining that the reference had hoped that the political class that came to power through the ballot manage the country properly funds, it does not occur big problems that have reference to intervene to resolve them or to mitigate the consequences, but unfortunately were things otherwise, and may cause poor management as well as internal factors In other foreign access to the country this dire situation that threatens grave danger.

He noted that the "reference confirmed in a statement issued from its office in April 2006 that it will not flatter anyone with prejudice the public interests of the Iraqi people, and will refer to the kinks in government performance whenever necessary, and will remain her voice with the oppressed and deprived sounds of the sons of this people wherever they may be no difference between the affiliations and sects and ethnic backgrounds, "noting that" from this point of confirmation was the religious authority in these days on the need to speed up the reform steps and the achievement of social justice. "

He continued, saying "it is certainly not for the rampant corruption in various state institutions, especially the security establishment, but not the abuse of power of those who had their hands up to enable the organization Daash terrorist control over a large part of Iraqi territory, and there would be no need to call the foremost authority for the Iraqis to join the armed forces to defend the land and the supply and the holy sites, "he said." Today, if real reform by fighting corruption relentlessly and social justice at various levels has not been achieved, it is expected to worsen the situation more than ever before, and probably dragged into what does not wish for any Iraqi lover to his homeland of the division and the like, God forbid, and here lies the utmost importance to the call to speed up the reform highlighted by the supreme religious authority. "

He stressed that "politicians who ruled the country during the past few years bear most of the responsibility for what ended up, many of them did not keep in mind the overall interests of the Iraqi people, but cared personal, factional, sectarian and ethnic interests, Vtkasemoa sites and government positions accordingly, not on the basis of competence, integrity and justice , and practiced financial corruption and allowed Ba_i_raih in government institutions on a large scale, has led all this in addition to the absence of proper plans for the management of the country and other causes to what we see today from poor economic conditions and the deterioration of public services. "