Jubouri, a spokesman: no truth to the news by stating that he has been beaten in the Amman airport

By Roudao

3 hours ago

Roudao - Erbil

A spokesman for House Speaker Imad al-Khafaji, on Thursday, for the invalidity of the news that the exposure of the parliament speaker Salim al beaten by citizens in the Amman airport.

He said al-Khafaji, in a press statement, he was "no truth to exposure Jubouri beaten in Amman and Manscher Airport is just rumors," adding that "the news published in some social networking sites and is not newsworthy Trusted Sites", without giving further details.

He indicated that some media ran a story shows that a fight took place between the protection of the speaker of parliament and Iraqis inside the passenger plane airport in Jordan, al-Jubouri, he was hit in the eye.