Call: the charges against al-Maliki "fabricated"

21/08/2015 11:29

The party said in his statement that he "rejects categorically raised fabricated charges Strtha falsely accused of some of the fingers of murder and corruption."

BAGHDAD / obelisk announced the Islamic Dawa full solidarity and standing with its general secretary Nuri al-Maliki against all attempts at distortion and miscarriage powers exercised by the suspicious party, according to what was stated in the statement received "obelisk" a copy of it, Friday.

And it issued a party, the statement, on the occasion of the issuance of the Commission to verify formed by the Iraqi Council of Representatives in the case of the fall of Mosul, "Aldoaash the hands of criminals and their allies" report, according to the statement.

The party said in its statement that it "rejects categorically raised fabricated charges Strtha falsely some fingers, accused of murder and corruption in the introduction to the report, which Mentjtah Committee set up by the Iraqi Council of Representatives, to investigate the cause of the fall of Mosul at the hands of Aldoaash criminals and their allies at home and abroad, which addressed Some media paid, known direction and funding, a politicized report free of objectivity and professionalism, came in accordance with the principle of settling scores with adversaries, he worked in the acquittal of those involved real and pointing fingers toward Brother courageous Mujahid al-Maliki, a plot cemetery deserve condemnation and punishment. "

The statement added that "all the honorable people of Iraq know well the integrity of the brother-Maliki and patriotism and devotion and dedication to Iraq."

"I thank all the Liberal Party faithful who stood the positions of the tournament and parents in front of this conspiracy exposed dimensional aimed at the rhythm of a big rift between the sons of the Iraqi people" one.

The statement concluded: "We are confident that our people, the Iraqi Karim will not forget the heroic attitudes and courageous decisions for their brother al-Hajj al-Maliki in the most critical circumstances experienced by Iraq, and they are fully aware of everything that is being plotted against Iraq and its people those who care about, and what is meant by the poor, and God the victory of things" .