Battle at Amman airport lead to swelling of the eye Saleem al-Jubouri


Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: led battle between protecting the President of the Parliament and passengers of Iraqis inside the plane in Jordan Airport to swollen eye Saleem al-Jubouri, while witnesses said that the elements of protection assaulted the passengers taking advantage of the functional described what led one of them to attack al-Jubouri and directing violent punch to the eye.

A witness for "tomorrow Press," that "the passengers on Jordanian Airlines were surprised while they are inside the plane at Amman airport by the President of the Parliament to take over and protect places first division inside the plane, although it is not intended for them."

"The passengers objected to this act which led to the establishment of protection Jubouri attacked two Iraqi beating", adding that "one Iraqi progress towards al-Jubouri, which did not deter the elements of protection and face a stiff punch on one of his eyes, which led to discoloration and swelling in case."

He pointed out that "the protection of al-Jubouri have beaten again on the Iraqi that interfered with airport authorities and are placed with the arrest, as has been booked Iraqis abused them inside a hospital, and when he asked the police if they wish to file a complaint saying that we do not complain to women, referring to the Jubouri protection."

He stressed that in return, "al-Jubouri, the group held a lawsuit there against the two persons abused them and are still in custody in Amman, while Tuadahma Jubouri doom and destruction if they arrived to Baghdad."

He called citizens attending the incident personally hold accountable Jubouri and his bodyguards to refer the investigation of the case in order not to repeat cases of assault on officials protections Black Rivers, who cites dozens of them daily as they face the tyrants and terrorism in various regions of Iraq.معركة-في-مطار-عمان-تؤدي-الى-تورم-عي