Maliki and Barzani and the responsibility of the fall of Mosul

Date: 2015/08/21

Palm-these lines write them Iraqi reader specifically and not Arab, Arabs are ruled by calcified look to Iraq and the Iraqis, and will never change, but the return of the rule of "Commander of necessity" and "eastern gate of the protector of the nation", so all who governs Iraq today from the perspective of Arabs, is "Iranian agent" and "Shiite refusenik and" Persian magician "and" client Kurd ", and will remain this character list, so that Iraqis recognize the" betrayal of the hero of Arabism and Commander Commando "Son of Awja, and go to Jordan to kiss the hand of his daughter, to kindly on them to return to Iraq and the inauguration of her children, grandchildren, "the martyr Saint", leaders on Iraq.

I feel it is pointless to address book and media Iraqis and politicians, Arabs, those will not be satisfied with them whatever they do, and especially if the talk about a character like former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who signed the death sentences for the "tyrant of Iraq" and "champion of Arab Commando", He said more than once to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, by name, of being behind all the tragedies of Iraq, and refused to be hostile to the Islamic Republic of Iran, in order to prove its Arab identity and patriotism, also he refused to recognize Systems backward like Saudi Arabia and Qatar led the Arabs in this unfortunate time.

So Snkhatab Iraqis say only:

-aly Iraqis, especially Shiites and Kurds to be cautious, there Iyad trying to sow strife and discord and enmity between them, and, unfortunately, a lot of sides fell into the trap set up for them, while still discovered even today in the land of Iraq mass graves only to Shiites and Kurds.

-almracb What is happening today in Iraq, especially after the occupation of Mosul by the "Baathist Aldoaash", that the animosity and hatred between the Baathist victims (Kurds and Shiites), I took escalate and raging among those who were responsible for the killing, laugh fill Hdekayaa.

-bad The issuance of the report of the Special Parliamentary Committee to investigate the fall of Mosul, some joy Kurds, unfortunately, to mention Nuri al-Maliki name among the officials who are responsible for the fall of Mosul, while some Shiites assert what Anvkoa, unfortunately the need to mention the name of Massoud Barzani, along with al-Maliki.

-What The meaning of all this hostility is unjustified and incomprehensible between the Shiites and the Kurds, who are supposed to form a single unit in the political process, despite some natural differences between them, the historical experience is, it does not infallible, proved and conclusively that the fate of the Kurds and Shiites in Iraq and one, and There are those who wish to go Fall, and come back as they were citizens of the second degree, they are being killed for trivial reasons, as if they were non-human.

-You There, between the Arabs who sympathize with the dead Kurds and Shiites, even if their number reached into the millions, as is the case when they were under the dictatorship of the Baath chauvinist sectarian, Shiites and Kurds are not welcome in the region, and everyone wishes Swalhm, suffice it to take a look at what around them even see the broad smiles on the faces of "brothers in religion and nationalism", bashing each other and to their enemies, there is no sanctity for the owners not to Ebadi nor Barzani nor Talabani not to rally public nor the Peshmerga, when these "brothers".

-If You look at the political map of alliances and now we hear the voices cracking accurately Shiite and Kurdish betaine, and yesterday's coup allies to enemies, a sight not rejoice, but the common enemy, who works day and night to demolish two verses ..

Go back to the report of quitting and say:

- If corruption is the political scene in Iraq address, and that everything that happened and is happening in this country is based on nepotism, why all this divine being thrown on the report?

- Let's say that the report was an exception, and did not touch him of corruption, is it an argument on the judiciary?

- The report was written by politicians, while the judiciary is being handled by people, not supposed to be politicians.

- Such reports could be significant if issued in a country like Egypt or Tunisia or any other country other than Iraq, where they can download the prime minister responsible for national disaster, such as those obtained in Mosul, the president is the one who compose the government, which chooses ministers who puts programs, who gives the orders, which must be carried out, is if al-Maliki was it? !!.
- In the event such as the case of Iraq and out of the sectarian quota system, everyone bears Mswolah fall of Mosul, al-Maliki and Barzani and Najafi and the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds, and even wrote the report, as well as financiers and supporters of "Aldoaash Baathists" of the Gulf, Turkey and orphans of Saddam in Jordan.

- Al-Maliki, and here was what went wrong in it, before he is responsible for everything, with orders not find its way to implementation because of the sectarian quota system, but that most of his ministers were working as opposition to topple him, and that's something offbeat sense of the word.

- Regional powers swore Maliki hostility such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar and the UAE, and spend large sums of money to hit the security in Iraq through incitement Twabaarham even within the political process, in order to topple him, the man signed the death sentence "martyr Arabs", and wanted to bring something simple from the right lost for the victims of "hero Qadisiyah ", and refused to be a follower like them the American master, and stood by the resistance and centered against Zionism and reactionary and sectarian, and above all this and that tried to stand before the return of the Baath fascist to the Iraqi scene under new titles, all these reasons prompted those that form the unholy alliance , one of the results of the fall of Mosul in the grip of "Baathists Aldoaash was."

- In Iraq, an anomaly does not exist in any country in the world, namely, that the prime minister does not have the authority to change the governor of governors, Maliki, who blamed the fall of Mosul, was not able to change Ethel Nujaifi governor of Nineveh province, but that the latter was ordered al-Maliki not only performs, but he was opposed to al-Maliki, and incites the people of Mosul, al-Maliki and the Iraqi army, and the army describes as al-Maliki Army !.

- Barzani may have benefited from the fall of Mosul and impose control over some disputed areas with Baghdad, but did not think he was behind what happened, there is a big difference between the two cases, when up the situation in Iraq to the extent that the some of the practical partners policy of betraying the nation through Working with the "clash of Aldoaash criminals" to bring down al-Maliki by opening the doors of Iraq in front of them, we have to expect everything.

That what was said about the existence of political motives behind the load-Maliki responsibility in the special report in Mosul, is saying a lot right, insisting on the load-Maliki responsibility for what happened just because the Prime Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces, under the circumstances experienced by Iraq, which Arzina on the side of them , will make it very easy to download major Muslim figures in Islamic history, the responsibility of setbacks and important events witnessed this, just because these characters were on armies and groups of Muslims, while the nerve and grudges ignorance played with their minds and their hearts, and sold themselves and their religion minimum debris, Vangbawa them back, and let down their leaders.

Sure, that al-Maliki is not the target, but the target is the Iraqi people and the political process as a whole since 2003, the goal is to take revenge on the people, especially the Shiites and Kurds, who rejoiced in the removal of the Baath nightmare for breast Iraq, if what they were able to al-Maliki today, it certainly would be the turn People crowd, as will be the role of Barzani and then the Peshmerga, is the enemy is, so I'm afraid that the day will come when the Shiites and Kurds repeat the proverb "will end up eating bull".

Nabil nice