Exotic looking with Obama envoy Assistant situation of minorities and abducted Alaesideat

Examined the MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Vian Dakhil, on Thursday, with private international alliance of US President envoy Assistant to fight al Daash, Brett Macgork, the situation of the displaced and the Iraqi minorities and suffering and needs. A statement by the Information Office of the Vice intruder, received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, she "met, assistant special envoy of US President international coalition to fight al" Daash "Brett Macgork in Arbil, Iraqi Kurdistan." The statement said that "during the meeting." discuss several topics, including the development of Iraqi minorities and suffering caused by the invasion of Daash terrorist gangs to their areas over a year ago. " It was also "review the situation of the displaced generally necessities that should be provided to them under the difficult circumstances under which they suffer, which has become more difficult because of the economic crisis afflicting Iraq now because of the sharp decline in oil prices. " The statement noted "discuss the situation of abducted Alaesideat and survivors of them in particular, stressing that Macgork, expressed his full sympathy with the Yazidis their plight and especially abducted the organization Daash terrorist." He pointed out that Macgork also expressed "his country's readiness to make any effort in helping the hijackers get rid of their plight and help the survivors of the organization of detention camps "Daash" in Iraq and Syria. "ended