The Inspector General of the Department of Justice directed the speed in processing citizens

During an inspection tour of the real estate registration chambers and public notary Rusafa.......Mr. Inspector General of the Justice Ministry/agency Jamal Taher Al-Asadi, the staff of the judicial departments to do their utmost to fulfil citizens ' transactions. Notify the Inspector General confirmed in a statement: this guidance came during a field inspection visit of Ellen to the real estate registration Department and public notary Rusafa evening, accompanied by a group of employees of the Bureau of investigation, inspection and audit, under sudden and ongoing visits to judicial departments. The statement said: the Inspector General was briefed on the progress of work in the real estate registration Department, and met a group of citizens to identify problems and constraints they face, and to expedite the completion of transactions and reduce red tape. The statement said: The staff accompanying the Inspector General they provide citizens hotline telephone numbers of the Office to communicate with them directly and identify and resolve problems in accordance with the established legal procedures. The statement said: the Inspector General undertook another visit to notary Rusafa evening for workflow, and lose 1006 Chamber sections and met with reviewers, to hear them directly to labour constraints, and in speeding up accomplishing ways far from complicated procedures. The Inspector General's visit to the two chambers within a series of surprise visits, which include all judicial circuits, in order to overcome the obstacles faced by citizens during their review of the departments of the Ministry of Justice, within the strategy adopted by the Ministry in completing transactions in the shortest time. Mr. Jamal Taher Al-Asadi has begun his work as Inspector General of the Justice Department less than a month ago, and more than a field visit to the criminal investigation departments of direct contact between the references and the employee. The Inspector General's Office receives all complaints from citizens during office hours hotline: (07704660011) (07906128569).