The inclusion of 40 thousand unemployed loans programs

BAGHDAD - Batool al-Hassani

It included the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, about 40 thousand unemployed in Baghdad and the provinces loan programs, at the time attributed it not to launch new meals from loans currently a lack of adequate financial amounts.
Media ministry spokesman Amar Menem said in a statement »Sabah»: The ministry included nearly 40 000 unemployed borrowings soft in Baghdad and the provinces within the three programs for lending are: support income-generating projects fund, and strategic national poverty alleviation, as well as community-based rehabilitation , revealed the existence of more than 500 000 unemployed registered with the ministry over the past year, and stressed that the inclusion of part of them vocational training programs, as well as lending programs.
He added that the borrower gives years from the project start date without paying premiums to be later installments of the loan to five years, noting that the granting of soft loans process to set up income-generating projects require some action and content, including (guarantor guarantor) and the consequent health of the issuance of bail within the working mechanisms designed for this purpose.

He said Menem said the ministry launched a national program to lend registered unemployed within the Ministry's operating centers database in all provinces in the country to help them implement small projects contribute to sustain them physically, noting that the Minister of Labour Mohammad Shia'a Sudanese instructed to simplify grant for the unemployed loans through the development of new mechanisms of action reduced time to allow the beneficiary to obtain the loan as soon as possible and with the least possible number of procedures.

He stressed that the ministry is working to launch a new and meals of loans, but the lack of sufficient amounts of money contributed to the delay in the launch of those meals, stressing that if available, will be released the names of the applicants who have completed their transactions during the years 2013 and 2014, articulating the ministry accomplish for nearly three Thousands of treatment during the past two years.

Furthermore, it embarked on the relevant committees in the ministry interviewing applicants for work as a social worker in Baghdad, while the interviews will determine the dates of the provinces, respectively.

According to Menem that a committee headed by Director General of the legal and composed of members, including general manager of information technology in the form of protection and a member of the Women Care Department and a member of the Office of the Inspector General and others they started interviewing applicants for work as a social researcher at Baghdad's advanced two thousand, pointing out that the share of the province Baghdad reached 178 degrees, out of 750 degrees will be distributed to the provinces, except for the Kurdistan region.

He added that the ministry has allocated to the provinces degrees hot, regardless of security conditions there.