Abadi's office accuses the parties to distort events including track and disrupt oil companies in Basra

Office accused the prime minister Haider al-Abadi limbs [not Asmanma] trying to twist the course of the demonstrations, including the disabled oil companies operating in Basra province. His spokesman Saad al-Hadithi told all of Iraq [where], "there is an attempt to confuse the parties to try to skew the demonstrations on track," noting that "the idea of ​​demonstrations must reflect the will of the public and national at the same time be within the constitutional framework and not based on the demolition of institutions unconstitutional ". He stressed "the need not to exploit these events by the parties or people to confuse the security situation in a particular province or influence on the vital installations of the State in respect of Basra and the southern provinces of oil-producing," he said. "It should also not be the demonstrations and a way to disrupt the work of vital installations and oil companies that the extraction of Iraqi oil at this stage. "
Sabri said that "This is great damage in the state that are in need for financial resources as it seeks to promote the oil industry, especially since the Oil Ministry actually achieved an increase in exports and production."
He stressed that "any effort to block or inhibit the operation of these facilities or companies will affect the state's efforts to cover the expenses of the war on terrorism and the provision of services and other files."
The spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office that "the government calls that do not exploit the demonstrations in any way as a means to disable or to influence or to disrupt or threaten oil installations Kalmncat security."
He said the "demands of the fight against corruption and reform and the provision of services are legitimate demands and the right of the citizen to pretend peacefully and demanded by a mainly of the government program axes upon the formation of the current cabinet came these events to promote directed the government to do serious steps in the fight against corruption and to reform and provision of services."
The newborn that "government is not the guardian problem these demands, but the demonstrations letter to other paths with respect to bypass the political system that governs Iraq, the Constitution and to call for a solution or cancel the constitutional institutions, this does not serve the one and creates chaos great confusion and lead to open a lot of negatives to the political process." .
It is expected to come out on Friday, popular demonstrations in Baghdad and several provinces continue to earlier demonstrations demanding to fight corruption and provision of services and reform the judiciary at a time when the government last week announced a package of reforms focused on the fight against financial and administrative corruption in state institutions and the abolition of senior positions Ministerial limbering meet the directives of the Supreme religious authority.
The prime minister Haider al-Abadi, had visited the first Tuesday of Basra province suddenly and met local government and foreign oil companies operating in the governorate, said during his visit to the West Qurna 2 field that "oil is the wealth of the Iraqi people, it is our duty to protect these resources and will not allow any failure in this area and controlled the situation and the companies that is not afraid of any threat, because we have issued orders to protect the oil fields and companies operating in it. " Abadi stressed that "the Council of Ministers is any obstruction to oil companies and unacceptable attack on the wealth of the people and will not allow it at all," .anthy 2