Abdul Salam al-Maliki: Prime Minister's visit to Basra was like visits protocolC

MP from Basra, Abdul Salam al-Maliki, the province said that "Prime Minister's visit to Basra was more like a protocol visits by the foreign officials to Iraq because he came alone without being accompanied by any of the ministers of his booth Alkhaddmyin in light of the suffering of the province where the focused visit about a single file is to provide Alttinat only to oil companies. " He noted in a statement that "the oil file and the work of the oil companies is an important ordered and impeccable him but it was the first Balebadi exploit his visit to the maximum special benefit that he knows very well the extent of the suffering of its people being most affected the provinces of Iraq was better for him accompany Minister Alkhaddmyin field for by them on the problems experienced by the province instead of confining the visit to discuss and visit the oil companies. " Maliki reiterated that "the sons of Basra demands are legitimate demands and rights of the fact that part of the province is the economic lung Iraq, especially related activities, including the sacking of corrupt and negligent officials, who did not provide any services to the province." He continued, "We are waiting for the Abadi repeat visit at the earliest opportunity, accompanied by a private Ministers electricity, agriculture, water resources, oil, trade and transport to look broadly at the problems and needs to maintain his booth ministerial order to deliver a positive message for visual Street with interest and appreciation the government to the sacrifices of the province and its people."

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