Maliki is preparing to fight a battle against his opponents fracture 8/20
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Thread: Maliki is preparing to fight a battle against his opponents fracture 8/20

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    Maliki is preparing to fight a battle against his opponents fracture 8/20

    Maliki is preparing to fight a battle against his opponents fracture


    Thursday 0.20 August 0.2015

    Islamic Dawa Party leader Nuri al-Maliki returned to Baghdad after the end of a visit to Tehran lasted several days, during which he held meetings and consultations with Iranian officials dealt with the political situation in Iraq and evaluate the recent actions taken by the prime minister Haider al-Abadi, which dealt in part to dispense with the three Vice-President Services and one of them Maliki himself.

    He has used his visit to the Iranian capital and launched statements which attacked Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the Arab nations series and accused of meddling in Iraqi affairs critic complained about the performance of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and his attempts to normalize relations with the Arab Gulf states.

    Maliki also attacked the report of the Parliamentary Committee on the events of Mosul, which accused him of involvement in Iraq's second city fall in the hands of militants to organize the Islamic state on the tenth of June 2014.

    According to parliamentary sources familiar in Baghdad, al-Maliki said it expects to return from Tehran, and "is the most aggressive on his political opponents after he received support from Iranians who associated with them old and close relations," according to the Abbasid News news site on their transfer.

    The sources pointed out that his remarks in Tehran predict that he is preparing to fight battles "broken bone" with a number of his political opponents, especially the prime minister Haider al-Abadi and his team in the Dawa Party, in addition to Moqtada al-Sadr leader, accused Vice President of the Republic article that incited the President of the Special Parliamentary Committee fall Mosul of quitting, to install Maliki name in the first list of defendants who mentioned the Commission's report.

    Al-Maliki has accused Zamili he committed the murder and kidnapping cases in the previous phase, but did not mention the reasons that prevented him as head of Government and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of punitive measures against him.

    It said al-Maliki about the report of the Committee of Mosul, he did not address what he called "a conspiracy" fall of the city, which he said began in Ankara, the Turkish and moved to Arbil in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

    He predicted Observers Iraqi politicians follow prevailing in the Dawa Party, the Islamic differences that what al-Maliki still has overall honesty and occupies prime minister Haider al-Abadi membership of the political bureau, said the raging battle between the two after the latter succeeded in winning the support of reference Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani and the parties and blocs Shiite to procedures reform which it is sensitive to it and prepared by al-Maliki conspired to its position in the party leadership.

    He said political science professor at the University of Mosul Hossam Iron lecturer at Istanbul University Currently, Maliki, who imagined that there are conspiracies woven against him is not endure any political progress made by the success of Abadi and prepared targeted him.

    He added that al-Maliki will begin his battle upon his return from Tehran with Abadi and how to get rid of it either in the party or the government, he said, adding that through follow-ups to march Maliki political incredible compliance with the Iranian tips which according to press reports that Tehran had asked him to calm things down and continue to support al-Abadi, stressing that personal Maliki not subject to contentious advised of a kind that "always riding his head."

    On the other hand, the President of Iraqi Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani Maliki accused of being the reason behind the fall of Mosul, however, the Islamic state.

    He denied a statement from Barzani's office Wednesday allegations launched by al-Maliki days of the Iranian capital Tehran before, that the fall of Mosul is "Iraq, Turkey and the Kurdistan Regional scheme."

    The statement said that the reason for al-Maliki to launch this "slander" is to pay compromised himself, pointing out that "the fall of Mosul and al-Maliki wrong policies paved the ground for the emergence of Daash," referring to the common label for the organization of the Islamic state.

    The statement said that "the Kurdistan region was in the first row in the fight against terrorism, and the Peshmerga forces are shattered legend Daash".
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