Allkash: Mahmoud submit his resignation and rejected by the Judicial Council fabrication to keep him in power

Counting MP for citizen parliamentary bloc Mohammed Allkash, Thursday, providing the judiciary Chairman Medhat al-Mahmoud resignation and rejected by the members of the Authority are "fabrication" to keep him president of the authority, and expressed surprise at the lack of declaration of power for its package of reform so far, as Parliament demanded the cancellation of the authority is the Coalition temporary appointment of a new president. Said Allkash L / scales News /, said that "the judiciary must do their part to meet the demands of the demonstrators and religious reference upper to reform the judiciary and Accounting spoilers, because the basis of justice in any country is to build a judiciary," noting that "the judiciary in Iraq, accusing today much of Corruption and cronyism "issues. He added that "the authority to submit a paper to fix because it is unreasonable not to provide reforms package yet, along the lines of what was done by the legislative and executive branches," and urged the House to "cancel the Coalition Provisional Authority ordered the judge to appoint Medhat al-Mahmoud head of the judiciary, and the appointment of a new president , as well as the government should reconsider the decision to subject the judiciary to work for accountability and justice, because the government has canceled subjected to accountability in earlier. "
He stressed "the existence of corrupt judges in the judiciary," noting that "what he made Mahmood of his resignation from the presidency of the judiciary and refused to members of the Authority to this request, is the fabrication to keep him president of the authority, despite the crowd claims his dismissal and reform of the judiciary and calling on the Supreme religious authority so that confirmed over and over again on the reform of the judiciary to complete the repair process. "

The MP for the coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod student on Thursday, that there will be real reforms in the judiciary to be impartial and fair, noting it was supposed Council of the Supreme Judicial accept the resignation of Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud as part of the reforms demanded by the people and the reference. / Ended 29 n / 10