Parliamentary Integrity: We follow washing financial bills transferred money abroad and provided us with the judiciary

He assured the Parliamentary Integrity Committee member Mohammed fact, on Thursday, that his committee is following washing financial bills that turned out the names of dead money, noting that the Commission has turned some of those files to the Iraqi judiciary, as pointed out that private banks left the incorrect file. He said the fact that L / scales News / "The private banks files that exist within the Integrity Commission, some of which have been converted to the Integrity Commission and others about the Iraqi judiciary and some of those cases referred to the provisions of the judicial department of which were issued from previous incidents and other division during the formation of the current government," stressing "The private banks left the file is incorrect." He added that "those banks You subject of renewed from time to time depending on the violations that you get," noting that "full Mndomh are part of the administrative and financial corruption and part of the Iraqi economy demolition process by taking out Iraq's money abroad and foreign currency as well as the money that came from sources laundering Illegal".
He noted the fact that "the Commission continues laundering financial bills funds turned out the names of the deceased and we have around files, and a section of those files and reached the Iraqi judiciary and others still contain shortages and some of the measures and to be completed will be transferred to the Integrity Commission and the Iraqi judiciary."

The media revealed earlier, quoting members of the parliamentary Finance Committee about the existence of funds for financial bills laundering turning out the names of "dead", noting that the supervisor of the cemetery in Baghdad admitted that he sold the cemetery record for banks worth $ 300, while the eye to the Iraqi judiciary It received more than 15 000 counterfeit bill buy. ended 29/4 e