The federal judiciary published the names of officials convicted, including six ministers

Twilight News / announced the federal judiciary from the conviction of 29 senior official on various charges, pointing to the existence of 24 other cases are still under investigation. The judge said Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar, spokesman for the judiciary in an interview responded to Twilight News, that "the country's courts are currently investigating 24 official, including ministers and members of parliament and local councils in the different charges attributed to them." He Bayrakdar that "a portion of those sentenced may catch diary or bring in, while others referred to the trial courts." He said "no possibility of publishing the names of the defendants in order to preserve the confidentiality of the investigation and in accordance with the principle of innocent until proven guilty." The spokesman added that "courts have convicted 29 different official files published names down the permit."

A list of officials convicted of all the country's courts
And former Minister of Commerce / Abdul Falah al-Sudani

Prime Property Claims Commission previously / Ahmed al-Barrak Shia'a

And former Minister of Transport / Louay Hatem wedding

Former defense minister / Hazem Shaalan Ktran

Former Minister of Electricity / Ayham al-Samarrai

And former Minister of Transport / Ahmed Murtaza Zuhairi

And former Minister of Agriculture / Sawsan Ali Sharifi

Prime political prisoners Foundation / Hatem Kazem al-Mayahi

Director General of the energy system of electricity / Major General Fares al-Bayati

Director General of the Budget and programs previously / Sawsan Jassim Al-Tamimi

Director General of the Budget Department at the Ministry of Finance / successful Khafaji

Former Director General of the General Company for Cars / Abdul Karim dawn

Former head of the Red Crescent Society / Said Ismail Hakki

Director General in the Ministry of Defense / morning Khazraji

Former member of Parliament / Haider Karim Fahad Al Suwaidi

Council of the province of Babylon / Silverline member Radi Farhan

Director of real estate registration in Babylon previously / Salim Mohammed Ali Abd al-Khaliq

Deputy governor of Dhi Qar / Hussein Saleh Aaos

Director General in the Safwan border port / Maj. Gen. Mohammed Hamadi Taher

Former director general of the food company in the Ministry of Trade and agency / Qais Mohammed Al Mahmoud

Director General in the Ministry of Commerce previously / Naim Azim Saidi

Director General in the Ministry of Commerce earlier / Khalil Assi al-Lami

Former member of the provincial council in Karbala / Ali Abbas Gxioa

General Company for food / Sabbatical Hassan Juma Director

The former head of the University of Karbala / Abdul Manaf thanks Alndaoui

Former director of South Cement Company / Farouk Mohammed Hamid Hussein

Current board member of the province of Muthanna / Mirsal Hashim Mohammed Ziadi

Member of the Board of Wasit province / Zainab Abdul Rahim Serail

Formerly head of the Basra Governorate Council / Mohammed Saadoun month.