Tamimi reveal Minister of Electricity expenses: billions of state funds looted!

Since 08/20/2015 19:42 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad scales News
He revealed the Finance Committee member Magda Tamimi, Thursday, Minister of Electricity Qassim Fahdawi expenses which amounted to billions of investment plan of the ministry allocations, indicating that there are financial irregularities related to cameras, radios and mobile phones, and other office furniture.

He said al-Tamimi told a news conference today attended / scales News /, that "there are documents and files available right Electricity Minister Qassim Fahdawi and asked him to come to the committee and copywriters official, but he refused on the pretext that he was awaiting the approval of the prime minister," noting that "the rules of procedure does not require a the approval of the prime minister, but only informed of this. "

And he confirmed "sent vouchers to the concerned authorities," indicating "there are financial irregularities related to cameras and wireless devices, including the purchase of surveillance cameras fixed and mobile allocated to the protections of the house and companions minister number 10 in the amount of 24 million dinars, in addition to purchasing devices fixed wireless wheel number 15 within the East allocations Rusafa, and this clear breach and violation of the laws of the budget instructions that he can not buy those needs of the investment plan allocations and there is a great exaggeration in the size and frequency of money, the amount of 48,000,451 thousand. "

Tamimi added that "the purchase of Motorola devices number 30 to the site alternative to the minister within the investment plan for the eastern Rusafa $ 36 million dinars, and installation of surveillance cameras to protect its sovereignty and control wheels procession at $ 89.65 million dinars," pointing to "the purchase of equipment for wireless phones and accessories in the eastern Rusafa plan at $ 43.65 million, which is the most dangerous because they spent twice for the same cameras by any two instruments need to repeat the exchange itself Bmstende exchange. "

The "buy 30 fixed wireless device $ 45 million dinars, and the other to protect Ma'aleh under the supervision of heritage station plan with hardware interface number 23 device in the amount of 37.412 million dinars, in addition to the purchase of radios to headquarters at $ 9.126 million dinars."

Tamimi said "buy radios at $ 81.877 million dinars, and other wireless devices in the wheel fixed number 5 in the amount of 49.5 million dinars."

Tamimi explained that "The minister took advantage of the investment plan through the purchase of call type Motorola devices, an amount 34.92 million dinars, and the purchase of radios within the investment plan of $ 48.4 million dinars."

She "within expenses buy devices Mobile number 3 with an invoice line for persons accompanying the minister within the investment plan for the area of ​​Adhamiya of $ 8.996 million dinars, and the purchase of Mobile Yvonne 6 7 in the amount of 9.275 million dinars, apiece of which 1,000,325 thousand price."

They pointed out that "the rehabilitation and furnishing of the Minister of Electricity Office allocations was the first in the amount of 96 million dinars, and furnishing of Ma'aleh office within the investment plan for the eastern Rusafa allocations amounting to 28.881 million dinars, including the presidential chair to the minister the number 3 in the amount of 9.75 million dinars, ie that the price of the chair One of the Minister of 3.00025 million thousand, "indicating that" the purchase of deliberation number 2 at $ 5.0005 million Alfa chair, chair means the price per 2.25 million dinars. "

Says Tamimi that "furnishing Minister's Office to again at $ 47.724 million dinars, in addition to furniture for the Minister within the investment plan of $ 29.657 million dinars including also swivel chair number 3 to the minister price chair 3.25 million dinars kit Guenvat skin $ 15 million dinars. "

She noted that "the amounts N_khassa to provide electrical energy go to buy those things and luxuries to know people where to go funds budget," pointing to "buy Turkish kitchen hall hospitality minister within the investment plan for the project Latifiya of $ 47.767 million dinars, in addition to raising Steikr and re-packaging Steikr new minister's office within the investment plan for the project Minister of $ 9.302 million dinars. "

The relay MP from the parliamentary Finance that "raise ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION the floor minister within the investment plan for the project Zora allocations of $ 9.616 million dinars, and the rehabilitation of the minister's office and the work of Moroccan ceilings within the project investment Zora allocations of $ 46,000,416 thousand and buy materials for the minister's office within the station plan Adhamiya of $ 28.488 million dinars. "

She stressed that "the amount of the purchase of kitchen furniture minister within the eastern Rusafa station allocations assigned to 11.882 million dinars, and the purchase of furniture for the home Ma'aleh 40.012 million dinars, including the purchase of Split 1 capacity of 5 tons at $ 2.25 million, and the purchase of 3 Split Capacity 3 tons at a price of 5.25 million meaning that a single one million and 750 000 0.5 Split capacity of 2 tonnes at a price of 5.75 million meaning that a single one of them at a price of 1.15 million, TVs number 4 led the first size 58-inch at a price of 2.25 million and the TV size 48 2 inches at a price of 2.6 million dinars, TV size 32-inch number 1 at a price of 800 000, ceiling fans 8 Japanese within the investment plan as well. "

She said Tamimi, "there is cash related to an advance fuel to the number of cars in the minister's office 13 car, and his predecessor, another to promote an advance fuel in the current year the month of May at $ 2.35 million dinars for cars minister a 11 car," indicating that "hospitality minister's office are settled and strengthened a month at $ 20 million dinars, hospitality and buy materials to the Office of the Minister of $ 12.25 million. "

She "buy allowances and furnishings for the hosts in the minister's office at $ 7,000,498 thousand, in addition to strengthening the advance hospitality at $ 13.621 million dinars for 11 days, about 1.25 million per day, and lunch restaurant for guests minister Hamayate of $ 1.9 million dinars, and also other meal lunch million and 400 thousand to the minister's office as well as with a group of 20 kebab and drawstring and Qose amount of 2.475 million dinars to the minister's office as well. "

And describes the MP for the Liberal bloc that "buy baklava and sweets Znod Sama and six in the amount of 400 000 dinars, thickness Karp masgouf number 4 in the amount of 315 000 dinars, promote hospitality advance of $ 5.331 million dinars."

And complement Tamimi Speaking "cars and the Ministry of Electricity, during the years 2013-2014 was only $ 6 billion and 493.043 million dinars spent on the purchase of cars and add her car Corolla number 2 with billion dinars and 424 million disbursement of the current minister after two months of receiving the ministry late last year which is forbidden, because he has no right to buy a car is productivity, any amounts that buy cars within the budgets that have been received only last year, is eight billion dinars. "

She explained that "rewards disbursed by the minister is assumed that the disposal of its staff and not to others, others, for example, equivalent employees of the Ministry of Defense in appreciation for their efforts to facilitate the task of the Minister's motorcade passed in the amount of 10.5 million dinars for 50 member, equivalent protection minister, characters and protections Minister residence in Fallujah $ 11 1.4 million within the investment plan as well. "

And emphasizes "equivalent employees of the Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Traffic within the investment plan of $ 5.7 million dinars, equivalent employees of the minister Protection within the ministry center, personalities and center-Mansour amount of 22.8 million dinars in the investment plan, equivalent employees of the protection of the minister procession, characters and back housing 19 1.25 million dinars, equivalent employees of the Ministry of Interior Travel and Nationality Directorate General of Passports at $ 4.15 million dinars, equivalent employees of the Ministry of Interior Directorate of Traffic's Mansour based on the approval of the Minister of 1.5 million dinars. "

She added, "There are also other cases of staff and employees has rewarded more than once per week in a row, including the exchange equivalent to the employee to have maternity leave twice during two consecutive weeks, and there is adopted by the Ministry of Electricity name / Lutfi Zayed / disposal by about 2.5 billion dinars, compared to display news tape on satellite channels , that these allocations are to provide electricity and not vice versa. "

She explained, "was 781.5 million dinars in the exchange 10 / February / 2014 campaign, and this year has been disbursed 119.25 million dinars and Exchange 112.5 million and 135 million dinars and 112.5 million."

"The speculative cost provided by the media adviser, both during the reign of the current minister of electricity, or the previous one billion and 385 million dinars expensive media campaign of the ministry and then added her other amounts, per day of non-campaign there are ads on the hotline and telephone complaints at $ 17-20 million dinars" .

It showed that "some officials saying Antkaddona (you are looking for millions and billions that are actually to change my Velsan."

She stressed that "the level of poverty in Iraq reached 35% in the sense 11.5 million Iraqi citizen below the poverty line and also there above the poverty line and around its perimeter any Maani at the very least that there are 16.5 million Iraqi citizen in the vicinity of poverty and a nearby line."

With regard to the Baghdad International Fair Tamimi, it showed that the ministry "has spent for the period 10/20 to 10/29 last year's 0.100 million dinars expenses evenly distributed on the directorates within the investment plan, including printed books and notebook manufacturing and printing of the ministry Shield." It ended 29 / D 24