Deputy: Mahmoud exempt part of the judiciary reforms

20/08/2015 17:33

It was supposed to the Supreme Judicial Council to accept the resignation of Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud as part of the reforms demanded by the people and the reference.

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: Student MP for the coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod, Thursday, that there will be real reforms in the judiciary to be impartial and fair.

Said Chihod in a press statement, said that "the country needs to real reforms in all authorities, especially the judiciary to the need for reforms, especially the Iraqi judiciary because it must be independent, neutral and impartial," explaining "it was supposed to eliminate the Council to accept the resignation of Mahmoud judge as part of reforms It claimed by the Iraqi people and called for by the Iraqi reference. "

"The reforms are very necessary whether the resignation of the Council of the Chief Justice or other reforms relating to the judiciary," he said, adding "there is correct action to take in all authorities as all the authority to take a number of reform measures and the judiciary that have crossed the clear steps and the Judicial Council to accept resignations and reforms within the judiciary. "

The Federal Judicial Authority announced Monday (17 August 2015) of the refusal of the Supreme Judicial Council members unanimously asked President Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud transmits it to retire.